www.computerworld.com/mobiletopics/mobile Computerworld Mobile & Wireless Knowledge Center

http://classroomtco.cosn.org Consortium for School Networking – Total Cost of Ownership.  The Consortium for School Networking is a non-profit association that promotes the use of telecommunications to improve K-12 learning. Its members include state departments of education, state networks, school districts, schools, individuals and companies that are committed to this goal. CoSN launched its "Taking TCO to the Classroom" project to provide school leaders with tools to help them estimate the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) involved when they build a network of computers and wire their classrooms to the Internet. 

http://wireless.ittoolbox.com ITtoolbox: Wireless

www.learningwithlaptops.org Learning With Laptops.  This site is run by educators for education and provides a source of honest and independent information about student laptop programs.

www.portadata.comPorta Data.  Collecting data on classroom instruction is one of the most important jobs of a school principal Now, you can leverage the power and ease of a handheld computer to capture the salient instructional activities that occur during observations. Porta Data is a software company that creates digital classroom observation tools on your Palm OS or Windows CE device that synchronize to your desktop/laptop computer.

www.tabletpctalk.com TabletPCTalk:  Your Best Source for Tablet PC Information

www.fno.org/jan01/wireless.html The Unwired Classroom:Wireless Computers Come of Age

www.peakgroup.net   Wireless Technology in Education: Moving from Pilots to Mainstream