Education World Article: Creating a Climate for Learning: Effective Classroom Management Techniques.  Suggests 12 steps teachers can take at the beginning of the year to promote effective classroom management. Girls' Circle: This site is helpful for helping an adolescent girl with self-esteem. IBIS: Students who display problem behavior require educational programs that are effective, efficient, and relevant.  Without an understanding of the factors that influence the occurrence of problem behavior, such educational programs may be difficult to develop.  Functional Behavioral assessment (FBA) is a systematic process for describing problem behavior, and guiding the development of effective and efficient behavior support plans. Lesson One Foundation: Self-Control, A violence Prevention Program that teachers young children skills for life.  The skills to survive and succeed in their schools, homes, and neighborhoods. Teaching Tolerance: Excellent Teaching resources to help teach tolerance in the classroom.  Many materials are offered free. Teachers Corner: Activities: Numerous activities for social and emotional development.