Global Warming Greenhouse Network.

General Weather AccuWeather. (4/5-12)  This site is an on-line weather forecasting site.  You can zoom in on your city via an interactive map.  You can also use the following forecasting links; travel, ski, health, marine, sports, garden, meteorologist, and agricultural. The CERES S’COOL Project. (4-8) INTERACTIVE  The clouds and the Earth’s Radiant Energy System – Students’ Cloud Observations On-Line Climate Change Education (6-12) INTERACTIVE   We are a volunteer organization. Most of us are either docents and interns at California science centers and museums. Or... students, scientists and staff at the University of California, Berkeley. This site includes hands-on science demonstrations is our specialty--our principle contribution to the body of original educational material. An example is the Global Warming Discovery Demo -- a favorite at science centers and museums, in K 12 schools, UC classes, and at large community events. Climate Prediction Center Earth Science Enterprise For Kids Only. (3+) INTERACTIVE This site is designed for children and gives the latest on air, natural hazards, land and water.  Interactive Weather Maker  INTERACTIVE (3-8)  Student learn about the ingredients that make the weather.  They can experiment with changing weather conditions and create a rainstorm, windstorm or snowstorm NASA Earth Observatory (4+) INTERACTIVE This site allows a space-based perspective on global weather. National Climatic Data Center Web Site. (7-12) National Severe Storms Laboratory Site. (4+) National Weather Service Cooperative Observer Program Web Site. Real Time Data Sites from the Center for Innovation of Engineering in Science Education (6-12) Many of our classroom projects use realtime data sites that are difficult to find. This page contains links to some of the most compelling Internet web sites for educational use. These include a host of sites that have real time weather, air, water, and satellite information that will enhance traditional classroom lessons. Space Weather Now INTERACTIVE.  This site give you updates on geomagnetic storms and solar winds. Virtual Courseware for Earth and Environmental Sciences website from TechLearning WeatherBug.  (K-12) AWS, proud to be a pioneer in providing local Internet content to the Broadcast Television Industry and developing educational technology applications and resources that aim to increase student achievement in the classroom. With active sites in nearly 4,000 communities throughout the US, the AWS WeatherNet surpasses the National Weather Service's network of weather monitoring stations and is the only provider of real-time, local weather data over the Internet. Weather Bug Schools Get out of the text books and go online with an interactive tool delivering lessons to teach math, science, geography; all pulling in live data from the world's largest weather network - the WeatherBug® Schools Network. Students of all ages have an interest in weather, it affects their day as well - recess, baseball games, etc. When weather is integrated into interactive lesson plans, tests scores have proven students are more apt to learn and grasp even the most difficult topics. The Weather Dude. (K-8) INTERACTIVE  Welcome to the weather education site especially for kids, parents and teachers from national TV meteorologist Nick Walk  Weather Wiz Kids. (3-8) INTERACTIVE Web Weather for Kids (3-8) INTERACTIVE Wild Weather.(3-8) 

INTERACTIVE Real time US WInd MapThis site can be used when learning about the properties of weather,  this classroom. It explains how weather works and also how meteorologists use different tools to predict the weather. There are also games, quizzes, journals, and maps. Forces Affect Our Weather? INTERACTIVE WW2010 Online Meteorology Guide (6-12).  This site provides a meteorology guide featuring multimedia, Web-based instructional modules.  Topics include air masses, fronts, clouds, precipitation, El Nino, winds, hurricanes, severe storms, cyclones, and forecasting.

Floods with The Weather Channel.

Hurricanes Hurricanes Field Trip.(4/5-12) INTERACTIVE. National Weather Service’s National Hurricane Center Web Site. (4/5-12) INTERACTIVE. Interactive Tsunami Animations

Lightning Kids Lightning Info & Safety. (4+)  This site is designed for children and gives penitent information on lightning.

Natural Distasters   American Red Cross Web Site. (4/5-12). Natural Hazards Research Websites. (6-12) Links include tornados, hurricanes, floods, volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis and general hazard and hazard mitigation resources.

Tornadoes National Severe Storms Laboratory Web Site. (6-12)   Tornado Field Trip. (4/5-8) Storm Chase. (4/5-12)  A portal type site that provide numerous links to tornado related web sites.