• Perfect Package

    Inside with 40x80 tent outside
    100 People inside/300+ outside

  • Wedding Dreams

    Inside with 40x40 tent outside
    100 People Inside
    150+ People under tent

  • Simply Beautiful

    Inside with uncovered patio outside
    100 people inside
    300+ people outside

  • Intimacy

    Inside only
    100 people inside
    Up to 4 hours
    $100 each additional hour

  • Rehearsal Dinner

    Up to 4 hours
    $100 each additional hour

  • Ida Henton Park

    Outdoor Wedding Site

  • Discount Information

    The Joy Center is free of charge to campus organizations and service clubs during regular business hours

    Alumni: 10% discount

    Non-profit Service Organizations and Campus Entities: 50% discount (excludes patio set up)

    Security Deposit: $500.00 Check will not be cashed unless there is damage to the facility.

    Reservation Deposit: 25% of room rental Non-refundable

    Payment in full (minus reservation deposit) and security deposit due 24 hours prior to event.

    Price does not include sales tax.