About the Campus Network

Black Hills State University strives to provide a secure and easy to use working environment for students, faculty and staff. The Academic Network consists of computer labs, classrooms, research facilities, training labs, and other areas where students and computing technology come together. Get wired in or connect wirelessly at BHSU.

Over 400 computers and devices are maintained on the academic network in the following buildings; Jonas, Young Center, Meier, Woodburn, Wenona Cook, David B. Miller Student Union, E.Y. Berry Library, and Rapid City area. NCS maintains the student network, including all applications and client side support to examine, review and to allow an abundance of information to BHSU students. If you have a question about the campus network, check out Network FAQ page or contact the BHSU Help Desk.


If you're on campus, ResNet (Residential Computing Services) is a residence-wide computer network that provides access to university resources and the Internet throughout the residence halls. While on the BHSU campus, ResNet will connect you to the network. Learn more...

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Many security policies are in-place that are intended to make your computing experience safe, secure, productive and enjoyable. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments regarding this system, please stop by or give us a call at 605.642.6580. 

Faculty & Staff Computing

Network & Computer Services (NCS) strives to provide a secure working environment for faculty and staff, while trying to provide a network that is easy to use. NCS maintains the faculty-staff network, including all applications and client-side support. Many security policies are in-place that are intended to make your experience both productive and enjoyable.

Faculty and Staff computers are protected from use by unauthorized users, such as students. For this reason, if a student employee needs access to your computer, or a work-study computer, they must obtain permission from NCS. Account modifications must be made in order to facilitate this arrangement.

Please contact the BHSU Help Desk for more information.

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7:00 AM - 4:00 PM M-F
IITS Office: 605.642.6020
IITS Help Desk: 605.642.6580

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