What is Collaborate?

Collaborate is a web conferencing tool with web, audio, video, and social networking solutions that allows students, faculty, and staff to communicate over the Internet.  

How can I use Collaborate? 

Collaborate is designed as an interactive communication tool to be used in a variety of settings by many different people. View online training tutorials today!

  • Faculty
    • Professional development
    • Create a virtual classroom
    • Offer prerecorded lectures of content
    • Facilitate a workshop
    • Conduct tutoring sessions that can be recorded and reviewed 
    • Offer virtual office hours
  • Students
    • Face to face interaction without being in the same location
    • One stop communication with your professors
    • Collaborate with other students on group projects
    • Receive additional support by reviewing recorded sessions
  • Staff
    • Faculty meetings with people from different locations
    • Communication between departments
    • Cut travel expenses by conducting meetings online
    • Facilitate a workshop
    • Cut travel expenses

Designed for ALL users

  • For those who are blind or have low vision, Collaborate offers personalized settings with adjustable color/contrast schemes that can be saved from session to session. Audible notifications and text options for various functions work to provide a quality educational environment. Learn more...
  • For those who are deaf or hard of hearing, Collaborate provides closed captioning, text messaging, and a text timeline of all activities occurring during a session. It also provides customizable features like font size and captioning windows. Learn more...
  • For those who have mobility challenges, Collaborate ensures full keyboard navigation throughout the various components of Elluminate sessions. Shortcut keys allow users to navigate the session quickly and effectively while command keys allow for simulations like raising your hand. Learn more... 
  • For those who have learning disabilities, Collaborate's personalized settings allow for more time to read slides and provide explanations of visual content. Sessions can be recorded and viewed as many times as needed. Collaborate also offers a virtual 'Breakout Room' designed for one-on-one time and additional practice. Learn more... 

To start using Collaborate today, set up a training session, or learn more, contact Anne Stevens at or 605.642.6064.

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