Computer Repair

What can Network & Computing Services do for you?

Personal computer assistance is a service provided by Network & Computing Service to help meet the needs of Black Hills State University students, faculty, and staff.

We CAN...

  • Assist you with the installation or re-installation of anti-virus software that you have purchased.
  • At your request, remove previous installations of anti-virus software and install Symantec Endpoint Protection, the anti-virus software provided by Black Hills State University.
  • Troubleshoot Internet and network connectivity.
  • Assist you with the installation of any University provided software.


  • Remove viruses, malware, spyware, or other programs
  • Install software (excluding software provided by Black Hills State University)
  • Perform any repairs or maintenance on a student computer other than those listed above.

How do I get help?
If you have a computer repair question or would like to receive assistance please submit our Request Help Form, contact the BHSU Help Desk, or visit an NCS technician by stopping by E.Y Berry Library Learning Center basement Room 006.

It is important to note that Network & Computing Services' workload may affect the availability of technical support at times. We ask for patience as we address your technical issues as time and staffing permits.

Have Questions?
Please contact BHSU Help Desk at 605.642.6580 or email

Black Hills State University

E.Y. Berry Library Room 007
7:00 AM - 4:00 PM M-F
IITS Office: 605.642.6020
IITS Help Desk: 605.642.6580

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