Email Access

Login From Any Computer (either on campus or off)

  1. User name is in format (username is not cast sensitive) (Students use
  2. Password must be a minimum of 6 characters (letters, numbers, or special characters). The password is case sensitive.


  1. Inbox is the default folder that is open when you login to you BHSU email.
  2. The inbox contains messages that are both read and unread. Unread messages show in bold.
  3. By default messages are sorted by date received (newest first).
    1. Sort options are available just above the message area. Mail can be sorted by Sender, Subject, Date Received, and Message size.
    2. View Options
  4. Message count and pages of email messages. Next page option, previous page, last page, first page.
  5. Create Inbox Rules
  6. Function Buttons above message area:
    1. When Inbox is selected, clicking New will create a new message to be sent. Then dropdown arrow can be selected to create new items, other than messages (such as contacts, calendar items).
    2. X represents the delete key. With a message selected, press the delete key on the keyboard of the X to delete the selected message.
      1. Deleting multiple messages at once.
        1. Selection continuous messages: select the first message, press the shift button and select the last message to delete. Press the Delete button. This will move items to the Recycle container.
        2. Selection non-continuous messages: same as above, only use the control key on the keyboard. This key is labeled Ctrl.
    3. Reply, Reply to All, and Forward Buttons:
      1. Reply composes a message to return to the sender.
      2. Reply to All composes a message to send to all recipients of the original message (such as a group).
      3. Forward composes a message with the original content to be sent to someone other than the sender or any of the original recipients.
    4. Show/Hide Reading Pane
      1. This allows you to select where you want to preview messages. Options: Right, Bottom, or Off.
    5. Check for new messages: Forces client to check for messages and send composed messages.
    6. Search Option:
      1. Allows users to search for email based on sender, subject, or recipients.
    7. Address Book:
      1. Allows users to search names in the GAL for the state. Can search based on first and last name. Some state agencies have some of the other information but not all.
    8. Help: Displays basic and advanced topics with how-to guides.

Sending a Message

  1. Select the dropdown arrow on the New button, select message.
  2. Place recipients name in respective fields (TO, CC, BCC).
  3. Type Subject of message
  4. Type message text.
  5. Select Options at the top of the screen. Set importance level/sensitivity.
  6. Click Send.


  1. Select View (1 day, 7 day, 31 day). The server remembers your settings, so you do not need to change view options every time you login.
  2. Select the day you want to schedule a new appointment.
  3. Select the dropdown arrow on the new button and click Appointment.
  4. Fill in Subject, location, date and time information, and any additional notes.
  5. Set reminder options.
  6. Recurrence options and inviting attendees.


  1. Select the Contacts folder.
  2. Select the dropdown arrow on the new button and select Contact.
  3. Fill-in contact information
  4. Click Save and Close.
  5. Distribution lists can be created. Distribution lists contain groups of email addresses to make it easier to send info to a large group.


  1. Select Task Folder.
  2. Select the dropdown arrow on the new button and select Task.
  3. Fill-in appropriate information.
  4. Select start and due dates.
  5. Select Save and Close.
  6. Once task is complete check the check box to mark it as done.


  1. Messaging Options: Create signature and select to display on outgoing messages.
  2. Spelling Options: Check messages automatically, select language.
  3. Appearance: Select color.
  4. Calendar Options, Reminder Options.
  5. Change Password.
  6. Filter junk email.
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