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Black Hills State University offers students, faculty and staff the opportunity to become involved in campus life. Part of this involvement includes receiving news about campus sports, student organization events, and general campus information intended to make your experience unique and exciting.

Network & Computer Services is offering email lists to students, faculty and staff wishing to receive information regarding their particular area of interest. You may subscribe to any or all of the email groups listed below:

Campus Events - This list offers information about campus happenings not associated with student organizations. This lists offers students/faculty/staff the opportunity to be informed about general event information, time, cancellations, and many other general campus newsletters. This list is maintained by Student Union staff.

Campus Sports - This list offers updates on campus sports activities, regularly scheduled game times and scores. Also relays information regarding special events associated with campus sports. This list contains information for both BHSU sponsored sporting events and intramural sports. This list is maintained by BHSU Athletics and Student Union staff.

Student Organization News - This list offers students/faculty/staff the opportunity to become involved in campus life through student organizations. OrgNews relays all student organization news, including: event dates and times, how to get involved, and meeting schedules. This list is maintained by Student Union staff.

Volunteer News - This list offers students/faculty/staff/community members the opportunity to become involved in campus/community life through volunteering. Volunteer News relays information about volunteer events available on campus and in the community. Emails should be coordinated through the VISTA office.

Can't find the information you want? Submit a request for a new list. Request will be evaluated and a determination will be based upon overall need.

Select the subscribe button next to each group you are interested in signing up for. In the "Email Address" box, please type in your email address. It is preferred that you use your BHSU email account, but you may use any address you would like. Faculty and Staff accounts are Student email addresses are in the following format:

Still not sure what your email is? Click here to find your email address.

To discontinue receiving email from these groups, please select Unsubscribe and enter your email address. All of these lists are open to the public and messages should be considered public knowledge.


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