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Watch these short Microsoft security videos to learn more about the top security issues that affect users like you. If you're new to learning about protecting your computer and your information online, you can start with the basics. Select a video from the list below or download Security at Home videos for educational or training purposes.

Note: All videos require Macromedia Flash Player.

Security basics for beginners
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3 things you can do to prevent spyware
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What you should know about phishing scams
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Defending against viruses and worms
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Keeping your computer up to date
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Dealing with spam e-mail
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Protecting your privacy and personal information online
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Using online newsgroups
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Teaching your kids about online safety
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Helpful Hints

A virus is a program that can "infect" programs by modifying them to include a possibly evolved, copy of itself. A computer can become infected by files downloaded over a network, or by the installation of new software or floppy disks that are infected with viruses. Some viruses are only pranks, and perform harmless actions like displaying a screen with a joke message on it. Others can destroy files or wipe out a hard drive.

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