Student Engagement and Community Collaboration for Prevention (SEACC) desired outcomes were:

  • reduce underage alcohol use
  • reduce high risk drinking
  • reduce sales of alcohol to minors in the community
  • increase student participation in alcohol-free campus activities
  • increase awareness of consequences to one's career of alcohol abuse convictions
  • increase awareness about prevention issues and campus-specific alcohol use data

SEACC Prevention provided all students, faculty, and staff with the Compass CD: A Roadmap To Healthy Living. The CD has interactive links to George Mason University who developed the Compass concepts. Compass includes both a CD and multiple links to resources related to a variety of topic areas relevant to students, faculty, and staff. Specifically, the Compass CD provides information on 31 different topics, from stress management to exercise, and from spirituality to alcohol. Each of these topics has been carefully chosen, to be relevant to college student's success. At BHSU, we are providing this to help you make healthier choices, and to connect you with the vast array of resources that exist. The Compass CD also has, for each of these 31 topics, some worksheets that you can use for your own reflection, as well as for planning. You can print these out and record your own comments on them, and review them at various times in the future. Some additional resources are found on the Compass CD: inspirational quotes, a downloadable screensaver, BHSU's catalog, and more.

BHSU resources:

Community resources: 

The Artemis House not only provides help to the community but is always looking for volunteers. If you would like to volunteer call - 605-642-7825.

Prairie Hills Transit provides inexpensive transportation for the community. For more information call - 605-642-6668.

Northern Hills Alcohol and Drug Services - 605-642-7093

Black Hills Special Services - 605-347-4467


Here are some facts about alcohol poisoning.