The Student Engagement and Community Collaboration for Prevention was focused on helping students make healthy lifestyle choices.

We encouraged parents to help their child achieve their goals; academic and personal. We worked with the campus organizations to provide healthy alternative SAFE (Student Alcohol Free Event) activites. We encouraged students to become involved with campus organizations.

SEACC Prevention provided all students with the Compass CD: A Roadmap To Healthy Living. The CD has interactive links to George Mason University who developed the Compass concepts. Compass includes both a CD and multiple links to resources related to a variety of topic areas relevant to students. Specifically, the Compass CD provides information on 31 different topics, from stress management to exercise, and from spirituality to alcohol. Each of these topics has been carefully chosen, to be relevant to college student's success. At BHSU, we are providing this to help you make healthier choices, and to connect you with the vast array of resources that exist. The Compass CD also has, for each of these 31 topics, some worksheets that you can use for your own reflection, as well as for planning. You can print these out and record your own comments on them, and review them at various times in the future. Some additional resources are found on the Compass CD: inspirational quotes, a downloadable screensaver, BHSU's catalog, and more.

BHSU resources:

BHSU Alcohol and Drug Policy

 BHSU Counseling Center provides on-campus counseling to currently enrolled students. Services are provided by a licensed professional counselors who will assist students in a non-judgmental, objective, confidential setting with their day-to-day concerns, problems, thoughts and feelings. There are no charges for this service.

BHSU and Student Health Services are committed to high quality health care for our students at the most reasonable cost possible.

BHSU works hard to make your Dining Services a quality place to eat. With your help we can continue to offer you a wide variety of services.

BHSU E.Y. Berry Library offers unlimited services for the students.

BHSU campus security has incorporated the Campus Watch Program. The campaign is designed to enlist total Student, Faculty and Staff participation and involvement in a self-help cooperative attack against crime. Call the University Security Department (6297 or 641-6988) to report criminal or suspicious activity. If it's an emergency, such as a crime in progress, dial 9-9-1-1 (on campus). 

Healthy lifestyle resources:

 Drug and Alcohol resources:

The is a helpful resource for parents who would like to know more about a variety of topics related to drugs, alcohol, depression, and much more.  

Here are some facts about alcohol poisoning.

Madd provides parents alternative ways to reach out to your children about the dangers of underage and binge drinking. It may not be easy, but it may save their lives.  

Northern Hills Alcohol and Drug Services - 605-642-7093