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The conference hotel is the Holiday Inn in Spearfish. Reservations have already been made for double occupancy (and two double beds).

Holiday Inn Spearfish
305 N. 27th Street
Spearfish, South Dakota 57783-0399

It is recommended that students driving to Spearfish leave their cars at the hotel and use the conference shuttle to and from the events.The hotel is easily accessible by I-90.

Coming from the East: Take I-90 to Exit 14. At the exit ramp, take a right and your first left. Coming from the West: Take I-90 to Exit 14. At the exit ramp, take a left, go over the overpass and take the first left.

Air Travel
The area is served by the Rapid City Regional Airport. BHSU will be providing transportation to and from the airport and the hotel.

Transportation Request

Sanford Lab - Sunday

Some students may wish to drive to the Sanford Lab on Sunday and leave directly from there. That is perfectly fine. To get to the Sanford Lab from the hotel:
Head East on I-90
Take Exit 17 and turn right (South, towards Deadwood)
Follow US 85 through Deadwood
Take a left on Mill St (you will see the giant open cut and Visitor Center on your right)
At the top of the hill, take a left on Summit

Driving to the Conference
Carpooling is strongly encouraged as it is usually the most economical option. Students should estimate the costs of air and of car, taking into account the efficiencies of carpooling. Choose the least expensive option. Contact BHSU if the choice is questionable, and in these cases, keep/provide paperwork showing how the transportation decision was made. BHSU's rate of reimbursemet per mile is $0.42/mile.

Receipts are required for tolls and parking charges, if applicable.

Flying to the Conference
Only coach/economy class will be reimbursed. Grant funds do not cover upgrades (e.g., the purchase of extra legroom), early boarding, flight insurance, or the cost of a booking agent. Unless your department is fully covering your airfare, you must receive approval from BHSU for your airfare purchase. Requests for airfare reimbursement (even partial) may be denied if the student does not receive approval from BHSU.

After notification of your acceptance to the conference, you should immediately investigate flight options if this is the travel route you expect to take. Send the details of your preferred flight to with the subject line “Flight approval request for the APS CUWiP at BHSU”. Allow BHSU up to two weeks to review your request and provide a decision via email.

**Note: Conference organizers expect all flights to be purchased no later than one month before the conference. If a student delays the approval process or waits to purchase a flight after approval has been given resulting in a higher expense, she/he may be denied full reimbursement of the airfare purchase. Also, frequent flyer mileage cannot be used in lieu of a ticket wherein the traveler expects to receive reimbursement for a comparably priced ticket although she/he has used mileage.

Local Transit
We encourage the use of public transportation whenever possible, but in the case that a shared ride or taxi service is used, please search for the most economical option. Limo or luxury vehicle services are not allowed.

Where the conference is providing shuttle services, students are expected to utilize those services. If a student opts to use another service rather than that provided, she/he should receive approval from the LOC if she/he expects for this service to be reimbursed.

Where the conference is providing airport shuttle services and students plan to utilize said services, every student (including those whose departments are covering their airfare) must notify the LOC of their airport shuttle needs.

Meals are provided throughout the duration of the APS CUWiP. Meals incurred during travel to and from the conference will be the responsibility of the student and/or her/his department.

Hotel and Associated Costs
Lodging is provided during the duration of the APS CUWiP*. Lodging for nights outside of the conference duration is not covered without approval from the LOC.

*Some hotels may require a credit card for incidentals. If you cannot or are not comfortable providing a credit card, you must give BHSU two weeks’ notice. Note that any charges for incidentals billed to BHSU will be passed on to the student.

Travel Confirmation Letter from Departments*
Students requesting full or partial travel grants may be required to provide a letter (on university letterhead or by email) from their department manager or chair stating the funding provided by the department - whether or not their department was providing any funds.