Interested in being a COLP Leader?

  1. Attend a Leader Training! (held at the beginning of each semester: see the calendar for specific dates). 
  2. Complete Risk Managment paperwork (fun!)
  3. Complete Program Manual Quiz (even MORE fun!)
  4. Attend at least 1 meeting/month
  5. Plan and lead 1 program
  6. Assist with at least 1 other COLP Program

The benefits include friends, leadership training, leadership experience, and great stories.

Interested in being a COLP Master Leader?

  • In addition to the requirements for being a COLP Leader, also attend the 6 week Leadership Class sponsored by the Student Engagement Center. 

Interested in being a Rock Wall Supervisor?

  • In addition to attending a COLP Leader Training, also attend a 1 hour Rock Wall Orientation, complete online training, and shadow an experienced supervisor. 

For more information about the Leadership Program, attend a regularly scheduled COLP meeting, visit with one of the COLP officers, or email COLP advisor at