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Meet the Director


Jeff Wehrung is the Director of the Center for Business, Entrepreneurship, and Tourism as well as an Assistant Professor in the School of Business at Black Hills State University.  Before returning to academia, Jeff served as the quality assurance manager for various manufacturing companies specializing in prefabricated concrete construction.  Jeff also has experience as a sales engineer within the water treatment industry.  Jeff’s current academic research explores the relationship between an employee’s internally held self-views and how coworkers behave toward the employee.




Ph.D.     Management - Organizational Behavior,
             University of Texas at Austin (2012)

M.S.      Masters of Science in Management,
              University of Texas at Austin (2009)

M.B.A.   Human Resources and Strategic Management,
             Brigham Young University (2007)

Sc.B.     Engineering and Technology Management,
             Brown University (2002)




Transforming Lives at BHSU:

I believe that any class in business has the potential to transform student’s lives by not only teaching relevant theories in the discipline, but also providing students with an environment to practice these concepts.  I believe that my role is to facilitate an environment for learning, but I am not the primary source of a student’s education.   Students must learn how to efficiently gather new information from research and personal observations, how to discern fact from fiction, and how to extrapolate from a series of facts in order to understand the work environment.  In essence, my job is to help students develop a pattern of continual learning that will be applied throughout their lives. 


The Center for Business, Entrepreneurship, and Tourism serves an important role in this process by bringing together students, faculty, and the greater business community.  I believe that students learn more from exposure to “real world” business problems.  I also believe that frequent interactions between faculty and business leaders are a critical component for stimulating new and timely research questions.  I am grateful for the opportunity to help serve as this bridge between our students, faculty, and the business community.  


Center of Business, Entrepreneurship and Tourism
1200 University Street-Unit 9007
Spearfish, SD 57799-9007
Phone: 605-642-6398