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Waterfalls of Spearfish Canyon 
Outdoor Workshop

Spearfish Canyon’s majestic Roughlock Falls and Spearfish Falls offer the opportunity to shoot misty flowing photographs with rugged, rocky backdrops.
We will shoot two of the three major waterfalls in Spearfish Canyon, working on composition, depth of field and appropriate shutter speeds for moving water.  Advanced techniques such as HDR, Hyper Focal Focusing, Stitching as well as Focus Stacking techniques will be covered. 
Activity Level  
Moderate.  There is moderate hiking involved in areas that might be wet and slippery.  Spearfish Falls requires a short steep hike along a maintained trail.  Roughlock Falls is a short hike on concrete trails and wood decking with several steps in places.   
What to bring
Wide angle lenses will be great for the falls and a telephoto will be great for reaching out and extracting details.  There will be possibilities for any lens in your bag.  A tripod will be VERY beneficial.  Roughlock and Spearfish falls have plenty of room for tripods.