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Jacqueline Rinehart

Jacqueline has been an artist for over a decade.  She started drawing at a young age with just a pencil and pad of paper, experimenting and teaching herself to work in a variety of mediums.  From there she has grown her skills as an artist and professional framer. Jacqueline graduated in 2006, from Black Hills State University with two bachelors degrees in art and biology.  She began her art career working in the gallery at Prairie Edge in Rapid City, South Dakota, gaining experience in framing and displaying a wide variety of art mediums.  Since 2008 she has been the custom framer at Focus West Gallery in Spearfish, SD.   Jacqueline has gained a multitude of experience in matting and framing through her work, enjoying the unique challenges that walk through the doors. Jacqueline works with a wide range of local artists from photographers to painters as well as the general public looking to frame their most treasured items.  Some of the most unique projects have included sports jerseys and shadowbox displays of everything from family heirlooms to sea shells. Jacqueline works on every aspect of a framed project from designing the presentation to the finished project on the wall, including everything from designing and cutting moldings from raw hardwoods to matting, mounting and finishing each project with the conservation and preservation of each piece in mind.