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Iconic Landscapes - Bear Butte

Outdoor Workshop

Bear Butte State Park encompasses a large volcanic mountain that never erupted, prairie vistas and a variety of wildlife, including buffalo. The mountain is sacred to many American Indian tribes who come here to hold religious ceremonies.  Bear Butte State Park holds a variety of possibilities for the creative photographer.

Activity Level
Low to Moderate.  Participants should be prepared for unpredictable weather, and wear sturdy footwear. Some moderate hiking of up to ½ mile could be involved.

Things to know
Participants are responsible for the admission fee into the park. The daily park entry fees are $4 per person or $6 per vehicle.  

What to bring
Wide angle and a polarizer are two easy choices here.  A short to medium telephoto also can give great views of the Butte.  For wildlife (particularly bison) a long telephoto is necessary.  There are a lot of angles to explore with Bear Butte.