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HDR Photography - What, Why and How 
Outdoor Workshop

High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography is one of the hottest new techniques to come along in the last several years.  Whether you use it for realistic photos of scenes that just aren’t possible in a single exposure or for creative artistic images, HDR begins with the shooting of the picture.  We will help you identify when to use HDR and what type of scene works best with the process, composing for HDR and the entire shooting process will be covered.  An historic ranch and barns will be our classroom for this session. Expect lots of detail and texture!
Activity Level
Low.  Light hiking of up to 1/4 mile could be required for the best angles.

Things to know
This workshop will be held at the High Plains Western Heritage Center.

What to bring

Tripods and wide angle lenses will be very handy in this workshop.  Knowledge of your cameras exposure bracketing capabilities ahead of time will come in handy.