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Dick Kettlewell

Dick Kettlewell has been a professional photographer for 28 years, having worked both as a photojournalist and a nature photographer while earning numerous awards.

As a photojournalist he spent many years on daily newspaper staffs including the Albuquerque Journal and the Rapid City Journal during which he was primarily a sports photographer, covering sporting events from high school level to professional. He has also worked for numerous major newspapers on a contract and freelance basis, including the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, the Washington Post, etc.

While with the Rapid City Journal, he produced a photo column for that paper's outdoor page entitled "Spring Creek Chronicles" which featured images and stories about the region's wildlife and landscapes. This column was also the recipient of many journalistic awards for both photography and writing. Kettlewell continues to publish that column for the Rapid City Journal and is currently working on a book of the same name and theme.

In addition to publishing his nature images in other well-known publications such as the Smithsonian Magazine, the Discovery Magazine, the Natural History Magazine, etc., Kettlewell has also published two books about the wildlife and landscapes of the region entitled Black Hills Impressions and South Dakota Wildlife Impressions. Both are produced by Far Country Press and are available in major bookstores such as Borders and on the Amazon network.