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Denis Nervig

Denis Nervig, a California native, has been teaching photographers capture, workflow and lighting techniques for 25 years. He graduated from Art Center College of Design and Moorpark College in California in Photography and Marketing. Denis began his career shooting Sports and landscapes moving on to small and large products for major ad campaigns. Eventually he expanded into photographing automobiles and QTVR’s. Three studios later Denis was offered the Department Chair and Senior

Photographer position at the UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History. Where he photographed thousands of artifacts and produced over 43 exhibition catalogs. After 30 years as a pro photographer he segued into becoming the technical sales manager for Fujifilm USA. This opened up opportunities to teach and give seminars on camera management, color management and lighting techniques. Presently Denis is the Midwest Regional Sales Manager for The MAC Group USA. He is responsible for training the sales staff and photographers on the latest medium format digital, color management and lighting offered by The MAC Group. He is one of three photographers traveling across the country giving a full-day seminar called the “The Geeks Tour”. Denis is also an Adjunct Professor at Harrington College of Design, in Chicago, IL.