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Cowboys - Portraits of the West
Outdoor Workshop

Cowboys and the Old West hold a special place in the hearts and minds of many Americans. For photographers, the opportunity to photograph cowboys is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. But like all photography, the best images are created when the photographer ‘builds a photo’ rather than takes a picture and one of the first considerations here is lighting. Natural lighting is often the best but when we have no control over lighting provided by nature, we need tools to create lighting that compliments our subjects. In this portrait seminar we will look at the variety of artificial lighting available to the outdoor photographer including speedlights, light modifiers, reflectors and more. We will cover lighting techniques and strategies before finishing the seminar by creating actual cowboy and cowgirl portraits.   Models will be posed by themselves as well as with horses and possibly ranch dogs.

Activity Level
Low.  Light hiking of up to 1/4 mile could be required for the best angles.

Things to know
This workshop will be held at the Black Hills Equestrian Center.
What to bring
Lenses from wide angle to extreme telephoto could be used to your advantage.  Lenses from 28mm to 300mm are probably the most used and most common for this type of shooting.  A tripod is always a good thing but handholding is sometimes necessary depending on the subject.  Fill flash could be used as well but would not be required.  The instructor will provide some light modifiers and reflectors to be shared by the group.