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Chad Coppess

As the Senior Photographer for the South Dakota Office of Tourism, Chad Coppess travels the state photographing fairs, festivals, rodeos, tourist attractions, historic sites, nature and wildlife. His photography has provided the visual identity of visitor promotions in the state for 18 years.

Coppess’ photos can be found at, in the South Dakota Vacation Guide annually, and throughout any other travel pieces that promote the region. His images have also appeared in National Geographic Traveler, USA Today, the “South Dakota 24/7” coffee table book, and websites for Chrysler Corporation and MTV in Italy. His photos have been exhibited at the South Dakota State Capitol, the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson, Wyoming, and the Denver Art Museum.

Coppess also publishes a photography blog with tips and ideas for exploring South Dakota. has become a widely-read resource for other photographers visiting the state.