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Birds of Prey
Outdoor Workshop

Join us for a unique opportunity to photograph birds of prey such as Owls, Hawks, and Falcons.  This workshop will allow you to get up close and personal with these magnificent creatures, photographing them in a controlled environment, using a variety of natural backgrounds. Likely subjects include the American Kestrel, Red Tailed Hawk, Great Horned Owl, Western Screech Owl and Rough Legged Hawk.  Exact birds will be determined by the preserve.  The hands-on, in-field instruction will also help you improve your animal portraiture skills for not just birds, but all manner of wildlife.

Activity Level
Low.   There will not be a great deal of walking, as we will be very close to our subjects.  Light hiking (walking on a dirt path really) will be required for distances of approximately 200 yards or less. 

Things to know
This workshop will be held at DC Booth Fish Hatchery.

What to bring
A good telephoto lens of a minimum length of 150mm (or equivalent) will get a workout here.   A good tripod and head will also be of benefit.  Adding fill flash can also help make the photos really pop but flash is not a requirement.