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Setting the Stage - Attracting & Photographing Wildlife

Outdoor Workshop

While great wildlife photo opportunities sometimes "just happen", many involve a large amount of thought and preparation before we ever press the button. In this workshop you will learn how to "set the stage" to capture great wildlife photos; pick the right location, use techniques to find or attract animals, and get great photos of them.

During this course we will cover a variety of topics, including:

  • Techniques for approaching or attracting different types of wildlife
  • Understanding ecosystems and how to find animals
  • Creating natural "sets"
  • Choosing and using the right blind for the right situation
  • How to safely and ethically use calls.
  • The "technical", choosing the right settings on your camera
  • Composition and previsualization, setting up to accomplish the "photo inside your head"

This workshop will provide you with a wealth of tips and techniques to take your wildlife photography to the next level!

Activity Level
Low. Light hiking of up to 1/4 mile could be required for the best angles.

Things to know
This workshop will be held at Mirror Lake / McNenny Fish Hatchery.

What to bring
This is a hands on workshop, so you will learn by doing. You should bring your best camera gear for wildlife, but not too shoot with so much as to learn how to work with it in the different situations we will cover. You can also bring any blinds you may have that you would like help or advice on as well as any calls (electronic or manual) for feedback or info.