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Photo Finishing - Matting and Framing
Classroom Workshop

For most of us, making a print and displaying it on our walls is the ultimate ending to our photographic adventure.  However the process of effectively matting and framing your photo can be daunting.  We will walk you through the process of understanding conservation, window matting, proper picture mounting, different glass types as well as how to select the proper colors for your matting and frame.  Since this is a hands-on workshop, you will want to bring one 8x10 printed photo of your own to be matted and framed during the class that you will be able to take home with you.  

Things to know
To get the most benefit from this class, we recommend that each participant bring their own 8x10 printed photo and personally mat and frame their photo during the workshop.  There is a material fee of $20 to cover the matting and framing materials used in this workshop.  If you choose to mat and frame your piece during the workshop, please bring the fee with you to class. We can ship your finished piece home for you if necessary. This workshop will be held at Focus West Gallery.

What to bring
Bring one 8x10 printed photograph to frame during the class, plus the material fee.