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Color Management - What, Why and How

Classroom Workshop 

One of the many mysteries of the new digital photo age is color management.  We will help demystify this process and help you learn how to get the best color in your images from the camera to the print.  Whether you print your own, have a lab print your images or just post them online; this class will help you get the best out of your images.

Things to know
The computers in the BHSU computer lab will be used for demonstration but it is encouraged to bring your own laptop with your software on it so you can get the most out of what is being presented and learn on your own software and machine.  
What to bring
A laptop computer with programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Elements or Lightroom or others such as Paint Shop Pro, ACDSEE or Aperture will be helpful but not required.  Photoshop will be used for the in classroom demonstrations and reference purposes.