Volume XXIX, No. 43 • Nov. 4, 2005

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Welcome to Black Hills State University - top

  • Allen Modlin, custodial worker, Facilities Services

Resignation - top

  • Diane Darling, purchasing assistant, University Support Services

BHSU one of several partners in a $7.4 million grant - top

Black Hills State University is a partner in a $7.4 million grant that will benefit American Indians in South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming.

The University of South Dakota will serve as the lead institution for the five-year grant that will create the Center for Health Research with tribes in South Dakota-Montana-Wyoming. The grant was awarded by the Department of Health & Human Services National Center of Minority Health and Health Disparities Office at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

BHSU, the Aberdeen Area Tribal Chairmen’s Health Board, the Montana-Wyoming Tribal Leaders Council (www.mtwytlc.com), and Sinte Gleska University will partner with USD on this grant. Other project affiliates include: the University of North Dakota, Columbia University in New York, Oglala Lakota College and the South Dakota Health Research Foundation.

“Black Hills State University is enthusiastic about working with USDSM and with our tribal organization partners to continue to develop the tribal participatory research model that has been an integral aspect of our past and current health disparities research program,” said Kathy Langwell, BHSU community outreach and education core director for the new grant.

“This is an exciting new opportunity to use partnerships between South Dakota universities, regional and national universities, tribal colleges, and tribal health agencies to address health care issues that are important to the tribes of this region,” said Dr. Ben Perryman, principal investigator for the grant.

Through this unique relationship, the partners will advance the science directed towards impacting health disparities for American Indians, increase the number of researchers and professionals from minority populations trained in biomedical and behavioral research through the creation of a mentoring program with Sinte Gleska University and increase the dissemination and utilization of scientific and health information relevant to health diversity populations.

“This consortium of health professionals and dedicated researchers will establish a new model of collaboration and partnerships based on mutual respect and support between the professional and grassroots organizations dedicated to providing a better health future and outcomes for tribes of Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota through a research model in which the tribes are acknowledged as equal stakeholders in scientific research,” said Gordon Belcourt, executive director of the Montana-Wyoming Tribal Leaders Council.

The effort to increase the number of researchers and professionals in biomedical and behavioral research will allow for the creation of health disparities research projects based on tribal needs and will result in the development of associated resource materials specifically tailored for American Indians.

“As important as it is to bridge the communication gap between Indians and non-Indians, it is even more crucial to bridge the communication gap amongst our own tribal people,” said Carole Anne Heart, executive director of the Aberdeen Area Tribal Chairmen's Health Board (AATCHB).

“Strengthening the capacity to communicate effectively about health and related issues is the key to organizational success.”

Specifically, the grant will help fund a significant study on Cultural Resilience and Adolescent Risk Behaviors by young Indian people, fund an investigation into the role of prenatal alcohol exposure in the risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), stillbirth and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) by tracking American Indian children through age four, and create the opportunity for a different pilot project to be conducted each year of the grant.

Additionally, this new grant will help provide technical assistance, training and support to tribal health and physical activities programs to conduct Community Child Health Needs Assessments and to develop tribally-tailored programs to prevent and reduce childhood obesity. Health information dissemination to tribal leaders, tribal health and diabetes program staff, researchers, and others will also be an on-going aspect of the grant.

Faculty members and recent graduates write research article for national journal - top

Dr. David Siemens
Dr. Mike Zehfus

A manuscript written by Black Hills State University faculty members and recent BHSU graduates was recently accepted for publication in a national journal.

The article, “Simultaneous evolution of competitiveness and defense: induced switching in Arabis drummondii,” will be published in the Journal of Plant Ecology.

The lead authors on this paper were Dr. David Siemens, assistant biology professor; and recent BHSU graduates, Tessa Jones and Shannon Kulseth. Jones is now a graduate student in geology at State University of New York at Buffalo. Kulseth is now working as an agricultural inspector for the South Dakota Department of Agriculture in Pierre.

Co-authors include Dr. Mike Zehfus, BHSU associate professor of chemistry; and Dr. Paul Brown, a biochemist at Trinity University in Canada.

According to Siemens, the paper shows that some plant species may have the ability to switch their defensive strategies depending on their circumstances.

“We found that this particular plant species lowered defensive toxins and increased compensatory growth when fed upon by insect herbivores in competitive environments,” Siemens said. He noted that the plant species occurs locally in the Black Hills, and the study was conducted at BHSU.

Siemens, who received both a master’s degree in biology from Northern Arizona University and a Ph.D. in zoology from Northern Arizona University, joined the BHSU faculty in 2002. Zehfus joined the BHSU science faculty in 1998. He earned a master’s degree in biochemistry at the University of Chicago and a Ph.D. in biochemistry-biophysics at Oregon State University.

Miller chairs session at geographic education meeting - top

Dr. Roger Miller

Dr. Roger Miller, associate professor of geography at Black Hills State University, recently participated in a national meeting for geography educators.

Miller chaired a session called “From Australia to Japan.” He also gave a presentation titled “The Spread of Australian Rules Football,” which compared and contrasted the Australian sport with the National Football League in the United States.

“This spatial analysis was able to find many commonalities as both sports are virtually confined to one country apiece, but still dominate their respective winter sports scenes,” said Miller.

The National Council for Geographic Education was celebrating its 90th anniversary during the annual meeting in Birmingham, Ala., which is about 300 miles northeast of New Orleans. According to Miller, the theme of the meeting was Southern Traditions--Continuity and Change.

Miller received his master’s degree in geography and his doctorate in curriculum and instruction from Brigham Young University. He has been a member of the BHSU faculty since 1991.

BHSU presents FASD conference - top

Several dignitaries, including Senator Tim Johnson, are expected to take part in a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) workshop sponsored by Black Hills State University and the Aberdeen Area Tribal Chairmen’s Health Board.

The one-day workshop, scheduled for Friday, Nov. 4 at the Quality Inn, 1902 N. LaCrosse in Rapid City, is an effort to provide the necessary knowledge and specific tools for effective and productive outcomes at all levels of judicial contact with persons with FASD.

David Boulding, a Canadian attorney who is an advocate for change in the legal system’s approach to persons dealing with FASD issues, will present at the workshop. Boulding has spoken and conducted training sessions regarding FASD legal issues at conferences in the U.S. and a number of foreign countries. He has also written numerous articles on this subject and is recognized as an expert on the legal implications of FASD.

Senator Tim Johnson is tentatively planning to be at the conference between 3:15 and 3:30 p.m. Johnson recognizes the importance of addressing the issues associated with FASD and recently introduced legislation to advance research, prevention measures and services for persons with FASD. (Johnson’s appearance is subject to change depending on last minute changes in his schedule.)

For details contact Mary Rogers, BHSU director of the FASD project, at 642-6615 or Peggy Gubbrud at 642-6204.

Home-Based Business Conference will be held next week - top

A Home-Based Business Conference will be held on the Black Hills State University campus Thursday, Nov.10 from 3-6 p.m. in Meier Hall Room 205.

The conference is designed for people who are searching for an extra income or a career where they determine their own salary, hours and other details. Information technology is opening doors for all kinds of new businesses by allowing for greater freedom of choice. Individuals are taking advantage of these choices and are creating home-based businesses to better fit their lifestyle needs.

This event is sponsored by the BHSU Center For Business And Entrepreneurship, the University of Sioux Falls Center for Women Business Institute, and the BHSU chapter of Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE).

The conference will include sessions on writing a business plan, marketing strategies, the basics of starting a home-based business and tips on home-based business tax issues. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to interact with existing home-based business owners. This conference is a starting point for individuals interested in a home-based business. The Home-Based Business Conference will be a stepping stone for people to begin with and build on in the future.

Participants can register and pay at the conference Nov. 10. Checks for $30/person can be made out to BHSU SIFE. For more information, call 605-642-6091 or email PriscillaRomkema@bhsu.edu.

Persons with disabilities requesting accommodations for this event should call 642-6091 at least 48 hours prior to the start of the conference.

“Mix It Up” event will be held to promote global awareness - top

The Global Awareness Committee at Black Hills State University will be sponsoring a “Mix It Up” event for the university Tuesday, Nov. 15 in the David B. Miller Yellow Jacket Student Union foyer from 11:30 a.m. until 1 p.m.

Food and culture from several different countries will be shared. "Mix It Up" is a national event to celebrate human differences. It is described as a proactive way to eliminate racism and was founded by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

According to Micheline Hickenbotham, co-chair of the Global Awareness Committee, the event is designed to promote knowledge of international cultures and intercultural communication.

“As the call came in to invite schools around the nation to ‘bring down the wall of racism,’ our committee discussed the opportunity to merge the International Food Tasting Day and the ‘Mix It Up Lunch Day’ into one event,” Hickenbotham explains. She said booths will represent several different countries, including Australia, Bangladesh, Belgium, China, Ghana, Ireland, Israel, Mexico and Russia. Each country will be featured on a poster created by students in the Secondary Social Studies class instructed by Lennis Larson. Faculty and students will bring ethnic food samples, artifacts, music and videos.

Hickenbothom noted that, according to the research conducted by Southern Poverty Law School, a majority of students nationwide are quick to put people in categories. Approximately 40 percent said that they had rejected someone from another group, and one-third said it’s hard to become friends with people in different groups. Organizers hope this event will help students take a fresh look at their school environment and make the campus a welcoming and safe place where students succeed socially and academically.

For more information contact Micheline Hickenbotham at 642-6073.

Dick Beardsley will present "Life's Obstacles: Roadblocks or Stepping Stones?" - top

Marathon champion, motivational speaker, television personality and expert fishing guide Dick Beardsley will present “Life’s Obstacles: Roadblocks or Stepping Stones?” Tuesday, Nov. 15 from 2 to 3:30 p.m. in the David B. Miller Yellow Jacket Student Union Jacket Legacy Room on the Black Hills State University campus.

Beardsley was the 1981 London Marathon champion, a two-time champion of Grandma’s Marathon, and the second-place finisher in Boston’s 1982 “Duel in the Sun.” He also recorded the fourth-fastest U.S. men’s marathon time in Boston in 1982.

Beardsley, who has been an experienced fishing guide for more than 27 years, currently hosts “The Fishing Scene,” a television and radio show in Detroit Lakes, Minn.

His presentation is sponsored by the BHSU Center for Business and Entrepreneurship as a part of their seminar series “Checking the Health of Your Business: Fiscal and Physical Fitness.” It is open to the general public at no cost. For more information, contact the Center for Business and Entrepreneurship at 642-6091.

Persons with disabilities needing special accommodations for this event should call 642-6091 at least 24 hours prior to the presentation.

BHSU to host Fall Business Breakfast Seminar Series - top

The Center for Business and Entrepreneurship at Black Hills State University is hosting a Fall Business Breakfast Seminar Series, entitled “Checking the Health of Your Business: Fiscal and Physical Fitness.”

Three different sessions, with guest speakers from BHSU and the community, are scheduled. All sessions will be held at the Bay Leaf Café in Spearfish from 7-8:30 a.m. Advanced reservations are requested.

The featured speakers on Tuesday, Nov. 15, will be Dick Beardsley, marathon champion, motivational speaker, and expert fishing guide, and Paul Young, certified strength and conditioning consultant and BHSU fitness director. Beardsley and Young will present “Checking the Health of Your Business: The Personal and Professional Impact of Physical Fitness.”

Tuesday, Nov. 29, the topic will be “Checking the Health of Your Business: Marketing and Wellness Strategies,” and will be presented by Dr. Annette Ryerson, BHSU marketing professor, and Dr. Betsy Silva, BHSU physical education and health professor.

“Checking the Health of Your Business: Financial Statements” will be the topic of the final seminar in the series Tuesday, Dec. 13. Verona Beguin, M.B.A., BHSU business and entrepreneurship professor, will be the guest presenter.

The cost is $20/person for one session; $40/person for two sessions; or $55/person for all three sessions. The cost includes breakfast, materials and networking opportunities. Checks (made out to BHSU CBE) may be mailed to: Center for Business and Entrepreneurship, 1200 University, Unit 9006, Spearfish, SD 57799-9006. For additional information call 642-6091 or email PriscillaRomkema@bhsu.edu.

Jazz Ensemble prepares for fall concert - top

Members of the Black Hills State University Jazz Ensemble are preparing for their fall concert “Old Wine, New Bottles,” which will be held Tuesday, Nov. 15 at 7:30 p.m. in the recital hall in Clare and Josef Meier Hall.

The concert will feature several jazz standards and classics in updated arrangements. Performances will include Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars (Corcovado), The Nearness of You, Perdido, and But Beautiful.

BHSU Jazz Ensemble members include: Kristin Fenega, Lead; Ashley Custis, Spearfish; Bethany Steinhauer, Custer; Katie Halter, Rapid City; Brice Johnson, Sheridan, Wyo.; Jonathan Aberle, Trail City; Amy Burr, Sheridan, Wyo.; Christopher Braddy, Rapid City; Amanda Scott, Custer; Jennifer Mahlen, Rapid City; Nathan Taylor, Troutdale, Ore.; Jerry Pontius, Deadwood; Rodney Fischer, Lead; John Potter, Casper, Wyo.; Chris Roman, Rapid City; Chris Larson, Rapid City; Drew Lerdal, Rapid City; and Jen Moken, Sturgis. The group is directed by Dr. Randall Royer, associate professor of music at BHSU.

The concert is open to the public at no charge. For more information, contact Royer at 642-6255.

Wheaton will discuss dual enrollment options with Spearfish High School students - top

Tom Wheaton, assistant director of admissions at Black Hills State University, will visit Spearfish High School Monday, Nov. 7 at 1:45 p.m. to discuss dual enrollment options available to high school juniors and seniors.

The dual enrollment policy in South Dakota, which was enacted through a legislative bill passed in 1990, allows high school students to get a jump start on their college career while fulfilling high school requirements. Courses can be transferred to any South Dakota Regental university as well as to out-of-state universities.

BHSU offers classes at its Spearfish campus and in several locations in Rapid City. Some courses are also available through the Internet or by correspondence.

For more information see www.bhsu.edu/dualcredit or visit with a high school counselor. Questions may also be directed to Wheaton at 642-6227 or TomWheaton@bhsu.edu.

Hoffman will visit area schools - top

Michelle Hoffman, admissions representative at Black Hills State University, will discuss college plans with students at 14 area high schools next week.

Hoffman will visit the following schools Monday, Nov. 7: Jones County High School, Murdo, at 8:20 a.m. Central Standard Time (CST); Todd County High School, Mission, at 10 a.m. CST; Colome High School at 11:45 a.m. CST; Gregory High School at 12:45 p.m. CST; and Burke High School at 1:45 p.m. CST.

Tuesday, Nov. 8, Hoffman will visit Winner High School at 9 a.m. CST; White River High School at 12 noon CST; Lyman High School, Presho, at 1:30 p.m. CST; and Stanley County High School, Ft. Pierre, at 3 p.m.

Wednesday, Nov. 9, Hoffman will visit T.F. Riggs High School, Pierre, at 8:30 a.m. CST; Midland High School at 9:30 a.m. Mountain Standard Time (MST); Philip High School at 10:45 a.m. MST; Kadoka High School at 12 noon MST; and Wall High School at 1:45 p.m. MST.

High school students needing information about college costs, financial aid, housing, and academic information should plan to visit with Hoffman. For more information call 1-800-ALL-BHSU or view the BHSU website at www.bhsu.edu.

Basketball season begins this weekend - top

This weekend will feature home basketball games for the Black Hills State University Yellow Jackets as well as a match-up with former BHSU players during the annual Roundball Reunion.

On Friday evening, Nov. 4, the Yellow Jackets take on Mt. Marty College. The women’s game begins at 5:30 p.m., followed by the men’s game at 7:30 p.m.

On Saturday, Nov. 5, the Yellow Jackets will compete against Dakota Wesleyan University. The women’s game starts at 3 p.m.; and the men’s game is set for 5 p.m. During half time of the men's and women's games, BHSU will honor the 1995-96 basketball teams.

The alumni games will follow the men’s collegiate game against Dakota Wesleyan. The alumni basketball games will begin at 7 p.m. A social will follow at the Spearfish Canyon Country Club.

According to Jodi Neiffer, alumni director at BHSU, participation in the alumni basketball game is not necessary to join in the fun. Alumni who do not wish to play are invited to participate in the social gathering and as a spectator at the games. For additional information or to register for the reunion, contact Neiffer at 642-6446.

Area teachers attend physical education conference at BHSU - top

Attendees of the South Dakota and Wyoming Associations for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance conference at Black Hills State University this week participated in a variety of learning activities. More than 250 teachers, students and recreation professionals took part in the conference. According to Betsy Silva, chair of the physical education and health department at BHSU, this was the first year that a joint Wyoming and South Dakota conference was held. She also said more college students attended this year than ever before. The conference included sessions about health-related topics, including relaxation techniques, injury prevention, and teaching yoga, dance, fly fishing, weight training and jump roping. The conference also included key-note presentations by Dr. Rick Melmer, S.D. Secretary of Education and Susan Kundrat, Gatorade motivational speaker.

Class of ‘70 gathers for football reunion - top

Former BHSU football players that were part of the 1970 Yellow Jacket teamA group of former Black Hills State University football players that were part of the 1970 Yellow Jacket team which holds the record as the most successful football team for 35 years, gathered at BHSU recently.

The 1970 Yellow Jacket team had an 8-2 record that captivated the school and community. Star players from the team, including Mike Savoy, went on to receive NAIA honors.

Those attending the reunion were: front row, left to right, Bob Templeton, Class of ’73, Ree Heights; Bill Fleak, Class of ’74, Riverton, Wyo.; Kent Waugh; Lanny Swisher, Class of ’73, Spearfish; back row, left to right, Bill Hughes, former coach, Spearfish: Mike Murphy, Class of ’78, Watertown; Doug Roseth; Jim Holwegner, Ft. Collins, Colo.; Ron Young, Class of ’72, Pierre; Paul Georgas, Class of ’72, Rapid City; Kent Mauck, Mobridge; Ken Richardt, Winthrop Harbor, Ill.; and Gene Schlekeway, former coach, Spearfish.

The group met at the BHSU vs. S.D. Tech football game in Spearfish to watch the Yellow Jackets defeat the Hardrockers 34-17. The Yellow Jackets are having a tremendous season this year. Last week they defeated the University of Mary for the first time in 14 years and currently have a 6-3 record. The football team will travel to Minot, N.D., on Saturday for the last game of the regular season.

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