Volume XXIX, No. 25 • July 1, 2005

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CSA position open - top

The following Career Service position is open and limited to status Career Service employees of BHSU:

  • Office supervisor, Student Union

For additional information, contact the Human Resource office or view the information on-line by clicking "BHSU Job Opportunities" on the Human Resource website.

South Dakota Public Radio to air segment about BHSU - top

Dr. Holly Downing talks to Gary EllenboltDr. Holly Downing, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, answers a question from Gary Ellenbolt, from South Dakota Public Broadcasting, during a recent radio interview. Ellenbolt visited the Black Hills State University campus this spring and met with the college deans, faculty members, administrators and a group of students to gather information for the segment. SDPR will air a segment about BHSU Friday, July 8 at 6:30 a.m. The segment will be re-broadcast at 4:30 p.m. that same day. The interview will also be available after July 8 through the SDPR website at www.sdpb.org.

Black Hills State hosts pre-registration for incoming students - top

Jennifer Butler (center), program assistant for residence life at BHSU, asks questions during the “Who Wants to be a Yellow Jacket” game during a recent Pre-Register Early Program (PREP) session. Incoming freshmen Brad Lemmel, Faith, and Sarah Burtt, Nisland, volunteered to take part in the informational and entertaining presentation based on the “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” television game show. These two students were among 75 who attended the Top Jacket PREP session which was offered to students who graduate in the top one third of their high school classes or have high ACT scores.

Incoming freshmen play "Who Wants to be a Yellow Jacket"

New students at Black Hills State University are participating in a Pre-Register Early Program (PREP) to register for classes, make final arrangements for housing and dining services, and meet with faculty advisors.

BHSU has hosted five PREP sessions this summer and has plans for five more sessions. Nearly 500 students have participated in the program this summer. According to Shawnda Carmichael, coordinator of PREP, the half-day program is designed to ensure a smooth transition to BHSU for incoming freshmen as well as transfer students.

“Black Hills State University is committed to providing a quality orientation for our new students,” Carmichael says. “There are many reasons for students to attend PREP. They have the opportunity to meet with academic advisors and set up their fall schedules. PREP helps students prepare for their first semester at BHSU. Students learn about university policies, student services, the advising and registration process, and campus life. They also have a chance to ask questions and get answers.”

PREP also provides the opportunity to meet future classmates, get room assignments and receive a student identification card. For more information contact Carmichael at 642-6278.

Plans are currently underway for the next phase of orientation, New Student Days, which is scheduled for Sunday, Aug. 28 and Monday, Aug. 29.

Dean's list announced at BHSU - top

The academic affairs office at Black Hills State University has released the dean’s list for the spring 2005 semester. A total of 439 students were named to the dean’s list. Students must maintain a grade point average of 3.5 or above while taking at least 12 credit hours to be named to the dean’s list. Students are listed by hometown or current place of residence.

Sarah Flahaven Aberdeen Sheila Lane Rapid City
Anthony Wachs Aberdeen         Deanna Lassegard Rapid City
Jason Scott Ashton         Brittany Leach Rapid City
Brett Suiter Banner, Wyo.         Donna Lee Rapid City
Michelle Carr Belle Fourche         Adam Lipp Rapid City
Miranda Duffy Belle Fourche         Leroy Lockwood Rapid City
Jane Heck Belle Fourche         Guillermina Lunde Rapid City
Jay Heeren Belle Fourche         Tami Maher Rapid City
Julie Huber Belle Fourche         Jennifer Mahlen Rapid City
Jennifer Jacobsen Belle Fourche         Sarah Mangelsen Rapid City
Karen Morris Belle Fourche         David Martin Rapid City
Audrey Nelson Belle Fourche         Raeann Mettler Rapid City
Jessica Turbiville Belle Fourche         Jodi Mills Rapid City
Jennifer White Belle Fourche         Christine Moore Rapid City
Lea Willard Belle Fourche         Elissa Nesheim Rapid City
Chandi Zimmerschied Belle Fourche         Carrie Noble Rapid City
Maria Hyronimus Beresford         Sherri O'Brien Rapid City
Kelly Kirk Beulah, N.D.         Valerie Olney Rapid City
Nancy Trewhella Beulah, Wyo.         Alan Parsons Rapid City
Erin Power Bismarck, N.D.         Michele Powers Rapid City
Thomas Brown Black Hawk         Shannon Quinn Rapid City
Amber Butler Black Hawk         Rena Ramsey Rapid City
Gail Gregor Black Hawk         Carmia Roehrich Rapid City
Crystal Hawn Black Hawk         Jennifer Rose Rapid City
Kelly Koball Black Hawk         Lisa Rowcliffe Rapid City
Shanna Whitford Black Hawk         Florence Sandberg Rapid City
Sara Bobby Bowdle         Sara Schafer Rapid City
Troy Paulson Bowman, N.D.         Galen Searles Rapid City
Chase Adams Box Elder         Kathryn Severns Rapid City
Micah Alsever Box Elder         Jacqueline Shelton Rapid City
Esther Berndt Box Elder         Melissa Siers Rapid City
Zachary Hague Box Elder         Stephanie Sigman Rapid City
Michelle Voth Box Elder         Matthew Soehren Rapid City
Jeffrey Carlson Brandon         Albin Spreizer Rapid City
Jameson Peters Britton         Alisa Teevens Rapid City
Jessica Schulte Brookings         Niklaus Towne Rapid City
Kari Quam Brooten, Minn.         Lillian Van Vlack Rapid City
Dusty Ginsbach Buffalo         Elizabeth Verhey Rapid City
Jay Cordell Camp Crook         Susan Walker Rapid City
Nicholas Vorlage Cando, N.D.         Katherine Weinhaus Rapid City
Sarah Lynde Canton         Travis Williamson Rapid City
Alyssa Boeding Caputa         Jennifer Wills Rapid City
Andrea Thole Carlile, Wyo.         Brandt Winkelman Rapid City
Kendra Karst Casper, Wyo.         Bethany Wojahn Rapid City
Anne Koenig Chadron, Neb.         Alexander Wolff Rapid City
Elizabeth Woodruff Chamberlain         Lisa Woodworth Rapid City
Lindsey Buthe Chancellor         Adam LoPresti Red Lodge, Mont.
Resa Fincher Chancellor         Deidre Jacobs Regent, N.D.
Aftann Hellbaum Chugwater, Wyo.         Patrick King Renner
Chelsea Nelson Columbus, Neb.         Julianna Tenold Reva
Marshal Tinant Crookston, Neb.         Patricia Gesinger Ridgeview
Bethany Bland Custer         Amanda Winchester Riverton, Wyo.
Matthew Busch Custer         Cody Winchester Riverton, Wyo.
Marla Gustafson Custer         Billi DeRudder Roberts, Mont.
Nicole Krcil Dante         Cole Seppie Rock Springs, Wyo.
Forrest Cain Deadwood         Janette Hettick Roscoe
Mary Ochse Deadwood         Crystal Statler Saint Onge
Heather Pfiefle Deadwood         Kendall Shaul Saint Paul, Minn.
Christopher Roberts Deadwood         Katie White Scenic
Jodi Ryan Deadwood         Jessica Alsaker Sheridan, Wyo.
Lindsey Watson Deadwood         Lindsy Olson Sidney, Mont.
Terri Wermers Deadwood         Jennifer Dieltz Sioux Falls
Adree Borho Dickinson, N.D.         Laura Nord Sioux Falls
Matthew Fuhr Douglas, Wyo.         Christopher Swiden Sioux Falls
Josie Harrell Dubois, Wyo.         Becca Walters Sioux Falls
Tyler Olson Eagle Butte         Julia Adams Spearfish
Barbara Schuler Eagle Butte         Venessa Adcock Spearfish
Teri Dibble Edgemont         Brianne Alley Spearfish
Matthew Koller Edgemont         Dale Arsaga Spearfish
Jennifer Coleman Ellsworth AFB         Jennifer Bailey Spearfish
Madonna Johnson Ellsworth AFB         Jennifer Barnett Spearfish
Rachel Keener Ellsworth AFB         Bryan Batien Spearfish
Jessica Krausen Ellsworth AFB         Tricia Beringer Spearfish
Samantha Sharpe Ellsworth AFB         Ryan Bissell Spearfish
April Oesterling Emery         Amanda Blake Spearfish
Jennifer Schnabel Emery         Summer Blue Spearfish
Kari Kramlich Eureka         Jacob Bobby Spearfish
John Kurle Eureka         Vailferree Brechtel Spearfish
Teri McTighe Faith         Carolie Brennan Spearfish
Stephanie Bechen Flandreau         Michael Brick Spearfish
Seth Klipfel Forbes, N.D.         Gretchen Brimm Spearfish
Samantha Schmitz Gettysburg         Clayton Bryan Spearfish
Susan Beil Gillette, Wyo.         Tara Buehner Spearfish
Nathaniel Cina Gillette, Wyo.         Brock Burris Spearfish
Erin Daly Gillette, Wyo.         Bernadine Butcher Spearfish
Michelle Franzen Gillette, Wyo.         Jessica Cahoy Spearfish
Jess Harbison Gillette, Wyo.         Christopher Carlin Spearfish
Kayla Hughes Gillette, Wyo.         Bart Clayton Spearfish
Lindsey Lenker Gillette, Wyo.         Timothy Cooper Spearfish
Ashley Rives Gillette, Wyo.         Jonathan Creed Spearfish
Melanie Shurtz Gillette, Wyo.         Rebecca Cross Spearfish
Amy Switzer Gillette, Wyo.         Ashley Custis Spearfish
Tammy Gallagher Glasgow, Mont.         Chandra DeSimone Spearfish
Scott Lindeman Glenham         Manuela Dietrich Spearfish
William Gray Glenrock, Wyo.         Ann Dittus Spearfish
Mallory Stone Gordon, Neb.         Nicole Donner Spearfish
Amber DeSmet Gregory         Timothy Doolan Spearfish
Joanna Hogrefe Gregory         Sara Farnsworth Spearfish
Jennifer Hotz Gregory         Preston Findley Spearfish
Michael Hobert Harrold         Patrick Fink Spearfish
Scott Hobert Harrold         Janelle Flottmeyer Spearfish
April Kleinschmidt Harrold         Shari Furchner Spearfish
Jessi Moeller Hartford         Guy Gregory Spearfish
Bethany Haley Hereford         Wesleigh Hardy Spearfish
Clint Augustson Hermosa         Mindi Harms Spearfish
Rachael Edoff Hermosa         Kasie Hartl Spearfish
Erin Melling Hettinger, N.D.         Riston Haugen Spearfish
Marie Wolff Hettinger, N.D.         Kayleen Howard Spearfish
Sarah Johnson Hill City         Nicolas Jastorff Spearfish
Anna Hermanson Hot Springs         Eric Jones Spearfish
Callie Ackerman Hulett, Wyo.         Terra Ketchum Spearfish
Dale Woolwine Jackson, Wyo.         Kara Kinsley Spearfish
Paul Eisenbraun Kadoka         Tracy Kobbermann Spearfish
Layne Ness Kennebec         Heidi Krogman Spearfish
Danielle Jensen Lake Preston         Tessa Krueger Spearfish
Kyle Ferguson Laramie, Wyo.         Shannon Kulseth Spearfish
Lindsey Aberle Lead         Callie Larson Spearfish
Steven Alley Lead         Katie Lembcke Spearfish
Melissa Bailey Lead         Betsy Mahoney Spearfish
Catrina Brossart Lead         Jessica Marshall Spearfish
Cariann Drake Lead         Kelly McGoldrick Spearfish
Gerald Grosek Lead         Tracey McMahon Spearfish
Michelle Hall Lead         Benjamin Merrill Spearfish
Nancy Mertens Lead         Megan Mohr Spearfish
Cecilia Milos Lead         Chelsey Mort Spearfish
Cary Thrall Lead         Allison Mowry Spearfish
Ashley Huber Lemmon         Lindsey Mundorf Spearfish
Carla Palczewski Ludlow         Donneen Mundt Spearfish
Amanda Tucker Madison         Theresa Mutter Spearfish
D'Anne Thompson Marcus         Shawna Norman Spearfish
Mary Ziegler Martin         Chantelle O'Dell Spearfish
Kristi Parquet Midland         Jessica Partridge Spearfish
Marci Aberg Miles City, Mont.         April Paulson Spearfish
Kayla Parsons Milesville         Luke Pennington Spearfish
Jeremy Wieseler Miller         Eileen Pipal Spearfish
Mindi Mayer Mitchell         Wendy Pitlick Spearfish
Wendy Regynski Mitchell         Alicia Rath Spearfish
Bethany Sheets Mitchell         Ryan Reeves Spearfish
Shanna Kinnick Moorcroft, Wyo.         Amanda Richards Spearfish
Melanie Tish New Underwood         Monica Roetman Spearfish
Amanda Phillips Newcastle, Wyo.         Amy Rohrbach Spearfish
Valarie Culver Newell         Amanda Scott Spearfish
Molly Tope Newell         Shelbi Seifert Spearfish
Daniel Velder Newell         LeJae Seipel Spearfish
Holly Heaton North Sioux City         Danna Smith Spearfish
Kestrel Schnabel Parkston         Jada Smithback Spearfish
Kerry Burns Philip         Gina Soriano Spearfish
Halli Hansen Philip         Nancy Sutterer Spearfish
Penny Thompson Philip         Deetta Terkildsen Spearfish
Jamie Biers Piedmont         Anna Tescher Spearfish
David Czerny Piedmont         Nathan Thomson Spearfish
Danielle Nighbert-Sichterman Piedmont         Aimee Tice Spearfish
Desirae Stahly Piedmont         Tate Underhill Spearfish
Kendra Droppers Pierre         Colin Usher Spearfish
Sara Goeden Pierre         Nicholas Van Kley Spearfish
Carrie Johnson Pierre         Daryl VanderVorste Spearfish
Katie Lakner Pierre         Joanna Vandever Spearfish
Chandra Lesmeister Pierre         Amanda Voisin Spearfish
Jacob Miller Pierre         Noni Weber Spearfish
Jennifer Ryan Pierre         Nicole Weimer Spearfish
Kirsten Smart Pierre         David Worthington Spearfish
Kristi Tveit Pierre         Megan Wyett Spearfish
Summer Venner Pierre         Benjamin Yackley Spearfish
Lindsey Backes Platte         Ryan Richey Springview, Neb.
KyLee Schaefer Platte         Ashley Hollekim Stanley, N.D.
Shawn Travis Platte         Megan Beckwith Sturgis
Rebecca Ellingson Prairie City         Cheryl Cosenza Sturgis
Karna Lillebo Presho         Cecilia Estes Sturgis
Danielle Arp Rapid City         Adam Fitzpatrick Sturgis
Rebecca Baker Rapid City         Lacey Heltibridle Sturgis
Lynette Banks Rapid City         Nicholas Koontz Sturgis
Amber Beserra Rapid City         Martin Lemke Sturgis
Denis Birgenheir Rapid City         Peter Lemke Sturgis
Carrie Bond Rapid City         Amy Long Sturgis
Tessa Brady Rapid City         Morgan Miller Sturgis
Joe Bruckner Rapid City         Susan Miller Sturgis
Megan Burke Rapid City         Kimberlay Nelson Sturgis
Wayne Carlisle Rapid City         Alicia Owens Sturgis
Christina Caswell Rapid City         Carol Plant Sturgis
Erin Chalberg Rapid City         Ashley Rasch Sturgis
Britney Clark Rapid City         Patricia Roe Sturgis
Jeannine Collins Rapid City         Beth Schieffer Sturgis
David Conway Rapid City         Andria Spomer Sturgis
Amanda Devries Rapid City         Jami Whitehead Sturgis
Patrick Dobbs Rapid City         Donald Wolkenhauer Sturgis
Tiffani Drimmel Rapid City         Linda Zierer Sturgis
Christine Dufond Rapid City         Gwen Dungey Sundance, Wyo.
Katie Dummermuth Rapid City         Lucas Edwards Sundance, Wyo.
Michael Duncan Rapid City         Stephanie Marty Sundance, Wyo.
Brandy Engel Rapid City         Faye McGlothlin Sundance, Wyo.
Sandra English Rapid City         Michael Rothleutner Sykesville, Md.
Rae Fackrell Rapid City         Rachel Braaten Thermopolis, Wyo.
Crista Fallat Rapid City         Crystal Hostetter Thermopolis, Wyo.
Laurel Foster Rapid City         Lauren Foster Torrington, Wyo.
Mandy Foster Rapid City         Daniel Spatzierath Townsend, Mont.
Kristina Frisk Rapid City         Jonathan Aberle Trail City
Laverne Frybarger Rapid City         Tyler Voorhees Tulare
Peter Gezzi Rapid City         Kari Strong Upton, Wyo.
Kari Gleich Rapid City         Joan Sprecher Viborg
Connie Godfrey Rapid City         Nicole Henriksen Vivian
Cassandra Graham Rapid City         Danielle Raabe Volga
Cliff Graham Rapid City         Michael Erz Wall
Joel Hagan Rapid City         Sheila Mortensen Wall
Amy Hall Rapid City         Marie Trullinger Watauga
Katie Halter Rapid City         Seth Gudmunson Watertown
Melanie Hamilton Rapid City         David Olson Watertown
Sharon Harper Rapid City         Lacey Johnsen Wessington
Leah Harris Rapid City         Annette Glover Whitewood
Emily Harvey Rapid City         Ashley VanDerWerff Whitewood
Jessica Hinker Rapid City         David Walker Whitewood
Kari Hook Rapid City         Lindsey Foster Winner
Matthew Hoyer Rapid City         Tyler Foster Winner
Matthew Huether Rapid City         Blake Gardner Winner
Brittany Jackson Rapid City         Sara Nesseth Winner
Dustin Jensen Rapid City         Tara Parvin Winner
Joshua Jetson Rapid City         Kagney Shelbourn Winner
William Johnson Rapid City         Erin Overcast Worland, Wyo.
Elizabeth Knowles Rapid City         Samantha Cripps Wright, Wyo.
Glenn Krumpus Rapid City         Teresa Alink Yankton

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