Volume XXVI  No. 33 • Sept. 6, 2002

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New student move-in - Top

Jennifer Boese, Geddes, an incoming freshman unloads her belongings with the help of student volunteers, while her mom supervises. New student move-in day was a big success. Volunteers comprised of faculty, staff, retired faculty/staff and alumni greeted students and their families and directed traffic flow, while student volunteers did most of the “heavy work.”

Submit names of all volunteers to the president’s office - Top

Please submit to the president's office the names and addresses of any volunteers who will be working in your area.

The names will be forwarded to the South Dakota Board of Regents.

In case a volunteer would be injured in the performance of volunteer work, they will be covered by Workmen's Compensation similar to any employee of the university. In addition, the university can justify expenditures which are made in connection with their contributions if they are identified with volunteer status.

Results of the President’s Cup announced - Top

Black Hills State University faculty and staff got to enjoy an afternoon outdoors one last time before the fall semester started as they joined community members in the BHSU President’s Cup Four-Scramble Tournament Aug. 30.

There was a tie for first place, with the two winning teams each having a score of 63, after everyone had completed 18 holes at the Spearfish Canyon Golf Course. The winners consisted of Scott Graslie, Kevin Dobbs and Jack Lynass on one team and Stan Anderson, Hugh Estes, Brian Carmichael and Rich Turbiville on the other. Both teams received BHSU sweatshirts.

Winning individual hole prizes were Kevin Dobbs, third shot closest to the pin; Jim Knutson, shortest drive; Gene Schlekewy, tee shot closest to the pin; Julian Wolff, longest putt; Jim Rarick, tee shot closest to the pin; Stan Anderson, second shot closest to the pin; Stan Anderson, longest putt; Jack Lynass, second shot closest to the pin; Kevin Dobbs, longest drive (men); Terry Hupp, tee shot closest to the pin; Gary Meek, longest putt; Leo Jacobson, tee shot closest to the pin; Jeanne Hanson, third shot closest to the pin; Steve Ochsner, tee shot closest to the pin; Scott Graslie, longest putt; and Jane Dunbar, longest drive (women). All winners received $25 Pro Shop gift certificates, BHSU sweatshirts, BHSU t-shirts, BHSU jackets, or BHSU caps.

Clayton Miller Blues Band to perform Sunday at BHSU - Top

The Clayton Miller Blues Band will appear Sunday, Sept. 8, at 7 p.m. in the Woodburn Auditorium on the BHSU campus. Paul Dennis Kopco, Web master and instructor at the university, will perform the opening act. His performance will begin at 6:30 p.m.

This band consists of dad Larry on bass, brothers Clayton, 19, on guitar and vocals, Cole, 15, on drums and vocals, and L.D., just 7, on harmonica. They have released two CDs, “Gotta Have Love” and “Live at Duncan Hall.” Selections from these CDs can be heard at www.claytonmillerbluesband.com.

Before becoming a professor at BH, Paul Dennis Kopco was a full-time musician on the East Coast. The website, www.pauldennis.com, contains selections from his two albums of original music, “Black Hills Gold” and “Badlands.”

The concert is open to the public. Tickets are $3 per person, $5 per couple, or $10 per family. The concert is free to all BH students with a student ACE card. This event is sponsored by the University Programming Team Fine Arts Committee.

This performance is a part of "Stay on Campus Weekend." For more information, call the Student Union office at 642-6852.

Community instrumental groups scheduled to meet - Top

The first meeting of the BHSU university/community band will be Monday, Sept. 9, at 7 p.m. in the top floor of the Student Union. The ensemble is open to any interested wind and percussion players. The group performs publicly twice each semester. Contact conductor Christopher Hahn at 642-6888 for more information.

The Dakota Chamber Orchestra (BHSU university/community orchestra) will hold its first meeting Tuesday, Sept. 10, at 7 p.m. in the top floor of the Student Union. The ensemble is open to any interested string players from high school to adult. The group will be performing publicly one time each semester. Contact conductor Dr. Randall Royer at 642-6255 for more information.

BHSU to host military appreciation day at first home football game - Top

Military appreciation day at Black Hills State University couldn't come at a better time. BHSU will host a military appreciation day to honor veterans and active military personnel during the first home football game of the season Sept. 14 at Lyle Hare Stadium.

Military appreciation day will coincide with the Spearfish community "Back to America" parade that begins at 10 a.m. Following this patriotic parade, participants, spectators and military personnel are encouraged to attend the BHSU vs. Minot State football game that begins at 1:30 p.m. All active military personnel and veterans will be admitted to the game free by showing their military identification.

The Black Hills State University Yellow Jackets, known for the colors green and gold, will show their true colors, red, white and blue, during the military appreciation day. Fans are encouraged to wear patriotic clothing as the university recognizes and honors all military personnel. 

This is one of several events BHSU is hosting during September, a month President George Bush has designated as a time to remember and honor victims of Sept. 11 and those who work to protect our nation. A BHSU student group, the Student Ambassadors, is hosting a 9-11 memorial service Wednesday at the Lyle Hare football stadium. This community event will honor military personnel, the Red Cross, the National Guard, the local fire departments and local police departments.

The half-hour memorial service Sept. 11 begins at 9 a.m. University students, faculty and staff will be joined by members of the Spearfish community, including area school students, who will come together to remember the victims of the attacks and to honor those who work to protect our nation. BHSU President Thomas Flickema will preside over the program that includes a moment of silence, the national anthem, a performance of God Bless America, and a challenge to improve personal character traits.

BHSU golden age activity tickets available - Top  

Golden age activity tickets for senior citizens are once again available for Black Hills State University activities for $10.

The golden age activity pass admits senior citizens to all regular athletic, theatre, music and other events at the university. Community concert performances held at the university are not included nor are special athletic events such as tournaments or playoff games.

Tickets are available to anyone 65 years old or older from the president's office in 
Woodburn Hall room 200.  

Fall 2002 Film Series begins Sept. 18 - Top

Black Hills State University will once again host a film series. This fall the film series includes four films that will be shown at 6 p.m. in Jonas 305.

The first will be hosted on Sept. 18. This 1998 film, “Train of Life,” was directed by Radu Mihailenu and received the 1999 Sundance Festival Audience Award. It portrays life in a small village in central Europe during World War II.

Another film in the series, “The Saltmen of Tibet,” directed by Ulrike Koch in 1997, will be shown Oct. 16. This movie questions the future of all indigenous peoples, especially nomadic tribesmen and was filmed entirely on location in Tibet.

“Iris” will be played Nov. 6. It was directed by Richard Eyre in 2001 and chronicles the life of the English writer Iris Murdoch and her descent into Alzheimer’s disease.

The final film of the Fall 2002 Film Series will be the 2002 Academy Award winning, “Monster’s Ball,” Dec. 4. Directed in 2001 by Marc Foster, it depicts the life of Hank Grotowski, a prison guard, who falls in love with Leticia, the widow of a recently executed prisoner.

The movies are shown at no charge. Free popcorn, courtesy of the BHSU Residence Hall Association, will also be provided. Details are available at the Fall 2002 Film Series website. For more information contact David A. Salomon, BHSU assistant professor, at davidsalomon@bhsu.edu or call 642-6240.

Student named 2002 Trio scholar at BHSU - Top

The Student Support Services program at Black Hills State University recently awarded a TRiO Scholarship to Tandy Ginsbach, who will be attending BH this fall.

Ginsbach is the daughter of Ron Ginsbach and Rexene Till of Buffalo, SD, and is among fifteen new freshmen to be selected as TRiO Scholars at BHSU this fall. She will receive up to $2,500 in scholarship assistance for her first two years of study at BH. She will also participate in a comprehensive program focusing on leadership development, cultural enrichment and college and career success.

Student Support Services is an educational opportunity program funded through the U.S. Department of Education. For more information about this program or the scholarships, see the BHSU website at www.bhsu.edu/studentlife/studentsupport.

Tips from the BHSU mail service - Top

The following tips have been provided by the BHSU mail service:

  • Sort outgoing mail by
    1.  On campus mail
    2.  Domestic mail
    3.  International mail
  • If using clasp envelopes, be sure to place tape across the metal closure. The USPS likes machineable envelopes.
  • Flat rate priority envelopes that may be used for mailings that weigh more than one pound are available by contacting the BHSU mail service. Postage for this envelope is $3.85.

Contact Hanna Swarts at hannaswarts@bhsu.edu or 642-6396 for more information.

Minutes of the Black Hills State University Chiesman Committee - Top

Following are the minutes of the Aug. 29 meeting of the Black Hills State University Chiesman Committee.

Chairman Earley called the meeting to order at 1 p.m. in the First Floor Conference Room of Woodburn Hall. All members were present: Voting members--George Earley, Ahrar Ahmad, John Schreiber, Lennis Larson, Carol Hess, Riley Chrisman, Tim Molseed; Non-voting members Dan Farrington and John Usera.

The revised operational guidelines were approved as written-Ahmad moved, Schreiber second.

Earley was confirmed as chair for the year---Chrisman moved, Ahmad second.

The structure of the 2002-2003 budget was discussed. The mini-grant portion was retained with the following changes in the form and procedures--- pre-service (student teachers) were added and it was changed to read “up to 10 grants.” Funding for this portion was set at $3,000. Usera moved, Larson second. Approved.

The faculty grants were discussed. The grants were increased to $6,000 with a total allocation of $12,000. The form was changed to read “up to two (2) grants of $6,000 each. A proposed budget would be included as a requirement and the date the committee made these changes “8-02” would appear on the form. Chrisman moved, Hess second. Approved.

Discussion of the $10,000 workshop segment centered on whether to keep it all as workshop or divide it between workshops and other activities such as speakers. Schreiber, Larson, and Ahmad would look into the idea of what could be done with $5,000 for speakers and report back to the committee. The disposition of the remaining $5,000 would be determined at the next committee meeting.

The Library segment was discussed. Chrisman proposed shifting the emphasis from text purchases to funding a subscription to the electronic version of “American History and Life” for about $3,500. This would be available to on-campus students and also to teachers in western South Dakota. Chrisman was asked to find a demonstration site that the committee could examine before final decisions were made. Chrisman was also asked to check about having a BHSU Chiesman Committee web site constructed.

A verbal request had been made to Usera and to Earley from Steve Meeker for assistance in funding the purchase of American flags for the 9-11 service. It had been estimated that total cost would be $750 to $800. Usera said the state office would fund half. Chrisman moved that the BHSU committee would fund half the cost of the flags up to $400 provided Chairman Earley received an acceptable written request for funding by Sept. 10. Ahmad second. Approved.

Earley will call a meeting as soon as Schreiber and Chrisman are ready to report on their assignments.

The meeting adjourned at 2:24 p.m.

Submitted by
James R. Chrisman
Acting Secretary

Grant opportunity announced - Top

Below are the program materials received Aug. 22-Sept. 4 in the Grants Office, Woodburn 218. For copies of the information, contact the office at 642-6627 or e-mail requests to grants@bhsu.edu. Fellowship information will also be posted on the Student Union bulletin board near the information desk.

  • Department of Education. International Studies (ED). The Education Department is seeking applications to strengthen undergraduate programs of international studies and foreign languages. Deadline Nov. 4, 2002.