BHSU Parking Safety Tips

To ensure the security of your vehicle and your belongings, Public Safety encourages you to do the following:

  • Lock your vehicle every time you leave it.
  • Discourage theft by parking in well-lit spaces and high pedestrian traffic areas.
  • Report suspicious people to security, include as much information about the person, location,
    and/or type of car involved.
  • Have your keys in hand when approaching your vehicle. Look inside your vehicle prior to entering it.
  • Do not leave tempting valuables or property visible inside the car. Lock these items in the trunk.

When Walking:

  • Avoid walking alone at night unless absolutely necessary.
  • Walk purposefully; know where you are going, project a no-nonsense image.
  • Call the Public Safety cell phone at 641-6988

Motorist Assistance:

Motorist Assistance is a free service that provides jump-starts and lockouts for students, faculty, staff, and visitors whose vehicles are on campus property.

Call Public Safety at 642-6297 or 641-6988 for detailed crime prevention information.