BHSU Parking - Safety & Facilities Committee

Membership and Quorum
The Committee consists of three faculty members selected and appointed by the President, three administrative personnel selected and appointed by the President, and a student appointed by Student Senate. Five members shall constitute a quorum.


  • To provide the maximum parking area in the best interest of the University, consistent with the natural beauties of the campus.
  • To allocate equitable parking to those in need of convenient transportation among faculty, employees and students.
  • To maintain lawful traffic movement with a minimum of disturbance and proper protection of pedestrians. 
  • To assure access for emergency vehicles.


  • Establish parking and traffic rules, penalties, fees and fines.
  • Recommend fees and fines.

An amendment to the current Parking and Traffic Control Regulations shall be considered in force after two subsequent publications in Campus Currents, Jacket Journal or on the Public Safety webpage.

Use of Fees
Registration fees and violation fines are deposited in a special account and are used for the following purposes:

  • Improvement and maintenance of present parking facilities
  • Purchase of real estate for and construction of new parking lots