BHSU Carpool Program

The Black Hills State University carpool parking program is administered through the Public Safety.  It is open to faculty, staff, and students currently employed by the University or registered for classes at BHSU and who live off-campus.

Eligible carpools consist of three or more individuals sharing one permit per carpool (members can register more than one vehicle) on the majority of their commute trips to campus.  A carpool application must be turned in at Public Safety located in the lower level of Woodburn Hall.  When the carpool has been approved, all carpool members must be present at the time the permit is issued.  All carpool members are responsible for knowing and complying with the parking rules and regulations on campus, including carpool regulations.

Any loss of a carpool participant by change in affiliation, any abuse or deception by any member in the carpool program is grounds for surrendering the carpool permit.  Any type of falsification or improper use of a Black Hills State University parking permit or persistent violations are grounds for citations, impoundment of vehicle, or revocation of parking privileges for a faculty, staff or student.  The Director of Public Safety reserves the right to make this decision.

Carpool Spaces

  • Carpool spaces have been designated for students in the Jonas commuter parking lot
  • Carpool spaces have been designated for faculty and staff employees in the faculty/staff parking lot

Obtaining a Carpool Permit

  • Individuals wishing to become part of the carpool program can call Public Safety at 642-6297 to inquire about the program
  • A carpool application must be completed and returned by one member of the carpool
  • All members of the carpool must have a current affiliation with Black Hills State University and live off campus.  Proof of residency at that address will be required
  • One member of the carpool is designated as the Point of Contact
  • After acceptance, each carpool member must complete a permit application (all vehicles used by the carpool members must be included on the application)
  • All members must be present when picking up the carpool permit (three or more individuals constitute a carpool)
  • The price of the carpool space will be $10.00 plus the price of a University parking permit
  • Any University parking citations from the carpool members are the responsibility of the owner of the vehicle that the citation was issued to
  • There will be no assigned space, rather spaces within the lot designated for carpool permits

Additional Information

  • If the carpool dissolves, members would have to purchase their own parking permit to park on campus
  • Hours of control for carpool spaces are 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday – Friday
  • Carpool participants may not possess a separate parking permit
  • Participants must contact Public Safety within ten (10) business days if their university affiliation status changes
  • Failure to do so may result in notification of suspension of carpool parking privileges, surrender of the carpool permit and denial of future carpool permits/privileges