BHSU Residence Life - Future & Current Students

Welcome to BHSU!

Here are a few things to take a look at while applying to attend BHSU!

What we offer in the residence halls:

  • LIVE-ON REQUIREMENT: All students within 2 years of their high school graduation date are required to live on campus. See Res Life Staff for possible exceptions.
  • INTERNET CONNECTION IN ROOMS: Each room is equipped with high speed internet (Wireless and Ethernet) at no additional charge. The Residence Life Network (ResNet) is an internet service that provides a reliable connection for students in the residence halls and campus suites. In order to connect to ResNet, users must meet minimum system requirements. Requirements are enforced by a system called Clean Access Agent that checks for anti-virus, patches, and other security-related updates. For more info please visit:
  • CABLE TV: Bring your own television to access extended basic cable that is available in each room. 
  • LAUNDRY: Each residence hall has washers and dryers available for students. You can pay for laundry with either your Buzz card or change. 
  • KITCHENETTES: Every Residence Hall is equipped with a kitchenette area that includes a stove, refrigerator, microwave, and sink.
  • TV/VCR/DVD: In the lobby areas of each Residence Hall there is a TV and DVD that is available for resident use. (50' Full HD Flatscreen) 

Why live in a Residence Hall?

  • The new Living-Learning Communities provide students with new possibilities on making connections and having new opportunities while living on campus!
  • It gives you an opportunity to integrate with many students from all backgrounds, with different values, interests, and abilities!
  • Research shows that students who reside on campus have a higher percentage of completing their college program than those living off campus!
  • It is a great opportunity to develop "people skills" which are so essential for success in your chosen field.
  • Residence Hall living places you near all university resources and activities which enable you to become a part of your university!
  • Residence Hall living enables you to develop close personal relationships that can result in friendships that last a lifetime!

SD Board of Regents Policy requires unmarried students to live on-campus during their first two years of school. Specifically, the policy reads as follows: "During the first two years when they were or would have graduated from high school, all unmarried students who enroll in courses delivered on the main campus for six (6) credit hours or more are required to enter into a housing agreement with the institution unless special permission to room elsewhere is received. Permission ordinarily shall be granted to students with dependent children or to students who reside* full time during the academic year with parents or legal guardians. Students who have enrolled for twelve or more credits for four (4) semesters may be exempted from the agreement at the discretion of the institution."

* Verification of the residency must be provided in advance, in writing, by the parent(s) or legal guardian to the Residence Life department, Humbert Hall. BHSU permits a maximum 50-mile commuting distance.

Policies & Procedures

The Student Handbook contains information on the resources offered to students as well as the Student Code of Conduct.

Below are the Housing Exemption Forms for appealing to live off campus.
       *note that South Dakota State Board of Regents requires a 2 year live on campus housing agreement.

                                 - Online Housing Appeal Process and Application

                                 - Supplemental Medical Exemption Form