Spearfish Local

Spearfish Local is a new initiative that brings together local producers, distributors, purchasers, and consumers of local food and other locally-sourced products. The goal of Spearfish Local is to grow the support of the local economy and to work together to achieve greater things than we could as separate organizations.

In supporting the local economy and the growing demand for healthy food sources, BHSU has launched an independent certification system to provide an unambiguous definition and identification to local products. Look for the Spearfish Local logo starting in winter 2014 for businesses who sell local food products.

If you are associated with a business that sells local products, please fill out our form to apply for the free Spearfish Local badge. Badge recipients will be given a window decal to show that your business supports local producers and Spearfish's economy.

Spearfish Local's focus is to:

  • Support the local economy by assisting businesses to promote their products and keeping local dollars in Spearfish
  • Assist consumers to identify local products
  • Promote healthy eating choices with fresh, local produce
  • Reduce transportation costs and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Build community resilience
  • Connect BHSU students with community members working on local food issues
  • Provide real world work experience for BHSU students
Rachel Headley
Katie Greer

Grants/ Sponsors:

2014 Healthy Communities Small Grant from

Spearfish Local Interns

 Fall 2014:

Name Major 
 Chor Ni Tsoi      Accounting 
 Tara Price Corporate Communications 
 Evan Griggs Outdoor Education 

Summer 2014:

Name Major
Abigail McBride Physical Science
Tara Price Corporate Communications
Thomas Trimble Chemistry

Spearfish Local Advisory Council

Mayor Dana Boke
Cheryl Johnson
Melissa Barth
Rebecca Dorsett
Carrie Gray-Wood
Dawn Habeck
Trish Jenkins
Rachel Headley
Katie Greer