Throwback - Don't Throw Away!

February 22nd's basketball games against U.C. Colorado Springs won't be an ordinary night. BHSU Athletics and Sustainability office are teaming up to make one great event! We're combining our annual Throwback night with Recycle Mania's Game Day Basketball compeition. BHSU will be competing against other schools across the country to divert as much waste generated during the game from landfills as possible. This means cans and plastics will be collected for recycling and food waste and biodegradable paper products will be reserved for compost. Weights of the goods saved versus trash collected will be recorded at the end of the night and posted on this page.

Come and enjoy the game! Simply put your recycleables in the correct labeled container at the end of the night and you will be taking us one step closer to becoming national Game Day Basketball champions!

At the end of the college basketball season, national Recycle Mania Game Day Basketball scores will be posted here

Update! Here's How We Did:

Per Capita: 0.279 lbs/ person - Rank #3

Diversion Rate: 77.538%  - Rank #6

Least Amount of Waste Generation: 0.417 lbs/ person - Rank #18

Food Organics: 0.044 lbs/person - Rank #9

BHSU Students Collect Recycling
BHSU students Samantha Starkey, exercise science major from Lusk, Wyo., and Brady Licht, English education major from Rapid City, guided people with trash collection and then sorted and weighed the waste at the end of the two games.

Material  Weight (lbs)
 Bottles and Cans 133 
 Cardboard  31
 Other Mixed Recycleables  54
 Compost  34
 Trash  73

That means we diverted 77.5% of the 325 lbs of waste collected during the Feb 22 Basketball games from the landfill! Way to go BHSU! Read about the event here: BHSU Collects More Than 300 Pounds of Waste for National Recycling Competition