Eligibility: Who can qualify for Student Support Services

Students can qualify for SSS if they meet one of three eligibility criteria identified by the Department of Education. Congress authorized TRIO programs to serve students who qualify under the following guidelines:

  • Low Income:
    Taxable income (adjusted gross income minus deductions and exemptions) falls below the levels in this chart. (Students must supply a copy of the previous year's federal income tax return, or similar documentation.)
  • First Generation:
    Neither parent completed a 4-year college degree.
  • Disability:
    Students who can provide documentation of a disability are eligible for acceptance into SSS (providing they meet other program criteria)

    Students who meet one or more of these criteria and who are U.S. citizens (or nationals of the U.S. or meets the residency requirements for federal student financial assistance) are eligible to apply. Students who are selected must demonstrate academic potential and academic need, as indicated by ACT scores, high school grades or class rank, possession of a GED, instructor recommendations, previous college attempts, and other factors.

Ready to apply?
Visit the SSS office in the Student Success Center on the first floor of Woodburn Hall or send an email to Susan Hupp to get started.

SSS Makes A Difference

Being a first-generation student in my family, it was hard to picture what life would be like going to college.  At the time, many resources were available to me, but I didn't know what direction to take . . .   Both of my parents have supported me emotionally; however, they were not able to support me financially, coming from a family of six.  In addition, my parents were not able to attend college, so it was something extremely new to the entire family.  Moreover, their English-speaking skills were not proficient enough to help me find the educational support I needed.  Thankfully, the SSS program has provided me with all the resources I needed and have continued to use."     Bertha, Junior



"Because of my disabilities, I was directed to Student Support Services.  This program changed my whole future.  I had a mini stroke when I was injured on the job and lost all of my math skills, some of my reading skills, and some eye sight.  I know I wouldn't have done as well as I've done without them all.  They have helped me in so many ways, like helping me deal with the common problems we all have:  scheduling classes, staying on top of homework and studying.  Susan and Peggy are completely supportive, patient, and so very helpful."    Kelly, Freshman