Academic Support Services Offered

  • Tutoring - SSS provides tutoring using professional staff in math and English. Peer tutors are also hired in other areas that are identified as high need. 
  • Peer Assistants - Upper-level students serve as an extension of the Student Support Services staff, helping to welcome new students to the program and facilitate their adjustments to college by providing information, encouragement and support. Learn more about the Peer Assistant program.
  • On-line tutorials - A number of on-line tutorials are available for your use.
  • Career Exploration - Deciding on the right major is not always an easy process. Your SSS advisor can help you explore careers, complete the FOCUS Career Interest Inventory and further explore possible directions to pursue, or efer you to the Career Center for additional information.
  • Academic Planning (Includes Accommodation Planning for students with disabilities) - Each student, with the assistance of an SSS advisor, is encouraged to develop an academic plan to determine which courses are needed for completion of their major.
  • Study Skills Instruction - Workshops are offered to help students succeed in the classroom. Workshop topics include things such as learning strategies, personal learning styles, time management, note-taking, test preparation, and so on. A number of on-line study skills workshops can be accessed by going to Study Skills Workshops
  • Graduate School Counseling - SSS students who are even the least bit interested in attending graduate school should begin meeting with an SSS advisor as soon as possible. Assistance will be provided in the areas of admission requirements, program availability, stipends and assistantships, and so on. 

SSS Makes a Difference

 "As a sophomore, I have continued to receive guidance from my SSS advisor.  For example, I have received help in navigating online resources, such as WebAdvisor and Desire2Learn, that have been necessary for online classes and registration.  As the use of technology in education has increased, my SSS advisor has helped me master the use of these online resources to maximize my academic success."  Abigail, Sophomore




"I love the program because every staff member recognizes students as individuals.  I have faced my weaknesses and have learned how to be more productive by spending more time in areas that are harder for me.  I did not get along with algebra so I used to avoid my math homework.  I now know the basic fundamentals of math and I am aware of the consequences related to procrastination.  Cody has drastically improved my relationship with math.  I understand that I have to focus on that subject and diligently spend more time learning the material in order to receive the grade I want.  This may seem basic but actually having someone who listens, understands, encourages, and then praises you for your efforts results in growth.  SSS has not only helped to improve my college experience, but ultimately has helped me to grow.  I am more confident personally and academically."  Raesha, Sophomore