Services and Accommodations Provided


Black Hills State University students with disabilities receive accommodation(s) based on documentation of their disability. Students requesting accommodation(s) are responsible for initiating services by providing the Disability Services Office with appropriate documentation. The documentation should be prepared by a professional (i.e. physician, psychologist, psychiatrist). It should include information about how the student's disability will affect his/her ability to equally access the educational opportunities, programs, and activities at Black Hills State University. It should also include recommendations for necessary accommodations.

In addition to accommodation planning, the Disability Services Office provides direct services in the following areas:

  • transition from secondary to post-secondary
  • academic planning and follow-up
  • advocacy
  • learning style assessment
  • study skill strategies
  • self-advocacy training
  • assistive technology instruction and access
  • referrals and follow-up

The Disability Services Office maintains a close working relationship with faculty members as well as staff from all Student Life offices and programs. Our collaborative efforts and resources comprise the comprehensive services necessary for post-secondary success of students with disabilities.


Reasonable Accommodations

Accommodations are steps faculty, staff, and school administrators take to help remove, whenever reasonable, barriers to participation in the educational experience presented by an individual's disability. This list is not conclusive.  Determination and responsibility for provision (including financial) of a reasonable accommodation are considered on an individual basis through interactive collaboration between the student, Disability Services Coordinator, faculty, and administration when necessary.


Alternate Format

  • Larger font
  • Wider spacing
  • Alternative answer/scoring sheets
  • Colored exam paper
  • Braille

Alternate Setting and/or Extended Time

  • Typically applies to test taking
  • Distraction reduced environment
  • Setting and/or time arranged by student and instructor

Medical/Physical Needs Allowance

  • Preferential seating
  • Modified classroom furniture and/or equipment
  • Faculty approved extension on deadlines
  • Faculty approved attendance adjustment

Auxiliary Aids

  • Interpreter
  • Reader
  • Scribe
  • Note taker and/or instructor notes
  • Electronic text or other materials

Assistive Technology

  • Software (e.g. screen reader, speech to text, magnification)
  • Tape recorder
  • Calculator
  • Spell-checking device  
  • Personal Digital Assistant

Course Substitutions


Distance Learning

Black Hills State University is committed to providing assistance and accommodation(s) for qualified students with disabilities who are interested in distance learning.

Direct disability service questions related to distance learning to the Disability Services Coordinator by clicking Inquiry at the top.

If you are specifically interested in the Electronic University Consortium of South Dakota, go to the EUC website. You will find disability-related information by clicking on the site index at the bottom of the page.  Select the appropriate disability-related category.