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Helpful tips on how to decide on a major.

Deciding on a major can be the easiest thing you've ever done or it can be the hardest decision you'll have to make.  One person may have wanted to be a teacher since they were in third grade.  But another person can be entering their first year of college without a clue of their major.  There are several things you can do to help you make your decision.  Talk with your instructors.  Interview current professionals.  Meet with a career counselor.  Complete some interest assessments.  And check out the following links:

  • Focus-2  This online career and educational planning tool will help you identify what type of work you like to do, want careers might suit you the best, as well as information on over 3000 jobs such as degree requirements, entry level salary, and the job outlook.
  • BHSU Programs and Majors  Our official BHSU website lists over 125 majors, minors, and programs of study!  Find out almost everything you need to know about what's offered at BHSU.  Go Jackets!
  • Status Sheets  These are official.  Find out every class you need to take before you graduate.  Complete all requirements listed on that status sheet, and you're a graduate!  One of the most valuable tools you will find.

Ready to declare your major?  Or are you wanting to change your major?  You're in luck because at BHSU, the process is quite simple.  Just contact the Registrar's Office, Woodburn Hall first floor, 642-6092.