Information about general education requirements

Every student who graduates from Black Hills State University must complete the general education requirements.  Incoming freshman must complete 30 credit hours of general education credits within their first 64 credits.  The following 18 gen-ed credits must be completed in the first 48:

  • 3 Credits of English Composition
  • 3 Credits Oral Communication
  • 3 Credits Social Science
  • 3 Credits Humanities and Fine Arts
  • 3 Credits Mathematics
  • 3 Credits Natural Science (6 hours recommended)

Transfer students with more than 18 credits entering from a school outside the state system must complete the above mentioned credits within the first 30 hours taken at a State/Regental school.

For more information regarding general education requirements, contact Bonnie Alberts at 642-6034.

The minimum total of general education requirements is 41 credit hours.  The following link will give a detailed outline and class list of the general education requirements at Black Hills State University:

General Education List