Appeals and Substitution


Appeals of disability decisions


If a student wishes to file an appeal regarding decisions made by the Office of Disability Services, such a petition needs to be made in writing to Mike McNeil, the Disability Services Liaison with documented justification for appealing the determination. Once the appeal has been filed with the Office of Disability Services, an ad hoc Educational Programs Committee will meet to review the appeal. The ad hoc ADA Educational Programs Committee will include the Disability Services Liaison plus four additional members related to the area of expertise required by the student petition with two of the committee members representing the faculty. The minutes of this meeting will then be forwarded to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs to make the final decision. 

Procedures for Requesting a Course Substitution as a Reasonable Accommodation

  1. Initiating a Request for Course Substitution:

    Prior to making a request, it is suggested that the student meet with the Disability Services Liaison to ensure they have the necessary documentation in place to qualify as a student with a disability, and to explore other reasonable accommodation options.

    • If no other effective and reasonable accommodations can be identified or agreed upon, the student should: 
      1. Write a letter of request, which should include:
        • The request for a substitution
        • The course requiring accommodation and the course requested as the accommodation.
        • The rationale upon which the student believes the request should be approved.  This should include prior accommodations provided in the course (if any) and reasons why the student believes these were unsuccessful.
        • Appropriate disability or other documentation to support the request
      2. Submit the request letter to the Disability Services Liaison. Copies of the written request and attachments will be made and forwarded by the Disabilities Services Liaison to the student’s advisor, the Dean of the College, and the Vice President for Academic Affairs.
      3. Respond and attend any meetings or requests for documentation initiated by the Dean or Vice President for Academic Affairs regarding this matter.
    • The Disability Services Liaison will assist the student in assembling relevant and available documentation to support the request.
    The Disability Services Liaison can be reached:
    • in person at the Disability Services Office located in 134 Woodburn Hall
    • by phone at 605.642.6099 or via e-mail to Mike McNeil 

    Other campus personnel who may be helpful for the student to consult would be the staff at the Student Assistance Center,Student Support Services, the student’s academic advisor, or specific faculty members with whom the student feels comfortable. These consultations are not required, but listed here as possible resources for the student.

  2. After submitting the written request:

    The appropriate faculty, the Dean of the College, and the Vice President for Academic Affairs will make a determination. The time frame is approximately 20 working days after receipt of the request.

    • The student will be contacted by letter from the Dean of the College as to the final disposition of the request.