Extend your leadership skills with these programs at BHSU.

The Student Union along with the Student Engagement and Leadership Center are pleased to offer different opportunities for students to extend and grow their leadership skills.

Consider attending one or all of these various different events to learn more about leadership and develop your leadership skills at the same time.  These events will also give you the opportunity to network with your fellow classmates and develop those connections that will assist you later in your careers.

Leading Edge Program

Take on a new leadership topic every third Thursday of the month. The Leading Edge is a continuation of Leadership 101 and is held in the Spring semester. Contact Jane Klug for more information on this exciting and in-depth leadership program.

Leadership Retreats

Join us for leadership retreats! Once each semester, students will have an opportunity to attend a leadership retreat where sessions will be more specifically focused on developing various different aspects of leadership.

Mark Your Calendars!

For more information contact Jane Klug.