Student Mail Forwarding

It is your responsibility to give forwarding address information to the BHSU Mail Service. First class mail is forwarded for one year. Because of USPS regulations, magazines are no longer forwarded. If we do not receive a forwarding address, mail will be sent to your home address if you are a student or to your college if you are faculty/staff. Mail may also be returned to sender. It is important that you notify family, friends, magazines, and companies of your new address.

Students returning to an off-campus address in the fall: please file address corrections with BHSU Mail Service for the summer and fall. Students returning to a BHSU campus address in the fall do not need to file a new address for the fall term; Residence Life will update our information. You will need to file a summer change of address by filling out a Student Mail Forwarding Form. Students living off campus who are moving may use the USPS web site for address changes: http://moversguide.usps.com.