BHSU Safety Information

BHSU Safety Information

Black Hills State University is committed to safety and security. In times of emergency, the University will provide an appropriate campus-wide response to ensure safety and minimize losses.

Emergency preparedness is also an individual responsibility. Take time now to read and become familiar with the contents of the following pages before an emergency occurs.  In the event of an emergency on the campus, updated information will be made available here.

Safety Policies

The following safety policies are enforced at BHSU:

  • Flammable liquids (such as gasoline) shall not be stored in residence halls or inside any buildings except in NFPA cabinets approved for flammable storage.
  • No open flames (candles, lanterns, incense, etc.) are permitted in residence halls or inside any buildings except in laboratories and maintenance shops designed for this purpose.
  • Weapons are not allowed on campus.
  • No fireworks shall be used or stored on campus.

Personal Safety Tips:

  • Be alert and aware of people around and approaching you.
  • Don't walk alone. Walk with a friend or in a group.
  • Use public walkways. Avoid shortcuts, dark or secluded places.
  • Know your route and the quickest way to get help.
  • Know the locations of emergency telephones.
  • Use the Student Safety Escort Service* for escorts on and near campus.

If you become a victim of crime follow these tips:

  • Remain Calm. Stay in control of yourself and try not to panic.
  • Try to get a useful description of the assailant.
  • Don't resist if the only thing the assailant wants is your money or property.
  • If resistance is required, get angry! Shout at the suspect or scream for passersby.
  • Always call the police if you have been a victim of a crime or witnessed a crime.

Locations of AED’s at Black Hills State

  • Young Center
    • Lobby by Athletic Offices
    • Athletic Training Room
  • Woodburn 2nd floor right side of auditorium
  • E.Y. Berry Library 2nd floor entrance right side
  • Meier Hall 1st floor across from auditorium
  • Student Union 2nd floor across from information desk
  • Jonas Academic & Science
    • 1st floor by Dean’s office Room 108a
    • 1st floor by Room 155
    • 2nd floor by Dean's office Room 203
  • New Science Building 1st floor
  • Wenona Cook Residence Hall Lobby 2nd floor
  • Pangburn Residence Hall Lobby 2nd floor
  • Humbert Residence Hall 1st floor East
  • Heide Residence Hall 1st floor Lobby
  • Thomas Residence Hall 1st floor Lobby
  • Campus Apartments G 1st floor by Club House room
  • Public Safety Office - Patrol Vehicle