Sustainability Pledge

Sustainability is an essential concept for our campus and society. At BHSU, we take sustainability to mean a place where the social well-being of current and future residents are supported by a resilient economy and a healthy environment.

Take the BHSU Sustainability Pledge today to help move our campus forward!

By signing the Black Hills State University sustainability pledge, you are committing to a small change in your daily activities to become a more socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable citizen of the planet we all call home.

For more information regarding sustainability at BHSU, please visit or connect with us on Facebook.

We would like to recognize those who have taken the sustainability pledge as a commitment to making their lives and BHSU more sustainable. Note: Individuals whose name appears on this website have given Black Hills State University permission to display their name as an indication of their pledged commitment to sustainability

Names of signatories:

  • Hannah Bohlinger
  • Sandrine Brink
  • Petrika Peters
  • Destiny Durham
  • Ann Hager
  • Matthew Bauman 
  • Mclain Wunschel
  • Codell Franklin
  • Madelyn Seidel
  • John Luke Hawkins
  • Andy Johnson
  • Leeseong 
  • Teresa Schultze
  • Jostin Navvaer
  • Gabriella Hertz
  • Shaun Garvin
  • Le Wuging
  • Zhai Rui
  • Whitney Christine 
  • Kaitlyn Kaiser
  • Katie Christy
  • Whitney Bischoff
  • Megan Gayer
  • Ashely Sperr
  • Mesa Tollefson
  • Avery Brockberg
  • Katherine Carstensenzerbst
  • Therese Wilhelmi
  • Nicholas Mallon
  • Tony Pierce
  • Jocee Nelson
  • Ivy Kolbeck
  • Ashley Bilbrey
  • Alexandra Hamilton
  • Ai Asama
  • Sooa Kim
  • Jess Johnson
  • Jordan Scheuerman
  • Connor Kadoun
  • Madison Andersen
  • Miranda Luze
  • Benjamin VanCleave
  • Quinton Douglas
  • Shayla Heid
  • Ashlyn Pearson
  • Paige Schuurmans
  • Chloe Brown
  • Katerina Cherednik
  • Lucas Michels
  • Alyssa Fortuna
  • Dustin Price
  • Mallon Nicholas
  • Abby Wollschlager