BHSU Information Center - Campus Posting Policy

Campus Posting Policy

The intent of this policy is to provide Black Hills State University students, faculty, and staff with maximum opportunity and space to advertise approved events at designated locations throughout the campus. We have considered the natural posting patterns across campus in order to maintain effective and accessible publicity. It is expected that all advertising materials posted will be reasonably neat and attractive in the interest of the advertiser and the university. All advertising will adhere to the university community’s sense of decency and good taste. Offensive, obscene, inflammatory advertising, etc. will not be permitted.

  1. Posters and flyers size is recommended to be 11" x 17" or smaller.
  2. Posters and flyers must provide the name of the BHSU sponsoring department or organization. The sponsor's name must be spelled out. The event time and location must be included.
  3. All posters must conform to the BHSU visual identity standards.  The visual identity standards can be found HERE.
  4. There are approximately 8 bulletin boards designated for campus activities available to post BHSU flyers/posters.
  5. Publicity for Residence Halls can sent to the Residence Life office.  18 posters are needed for every wing/floor in all residential buildings.  Only Residence Life staff will hang posters in the designated areas within the residence halls. 
  6. Two community boards are designated for off-campus entities to advertise community events, ads, and classifieds.  Posters for community boards must be dropped off in the Student Engagement and Leadership Center (Student Union Suite 210). 
  7. Signs, posters, flyers, etc., will be posted for a period not exceeding two weeks.
  8. No posters are permitted in which alcohol consumption or alcohol sales are part of the advertisement.
  9. Signs may be posted in areas designed for posters only (i.e. bulletin boards and strips). Publicity can not be attached to windows, doors, walls, floors, trees, light posts, or any other part of the university grounds.
  10. Chalk on the sidewalks is permitted only for promotion of university related programs and activities. All chalking must be approved at the Student Engagement and Leadership Center during business hours the day before the chalking is to occur.
  11. Due to Spearfish city ordinance (Article I. Sec. 3-28), "No person shall throw or deposit any handbill in or upon any vehicle."
  12. Table tents must be dropped off in the Student Engagement and Leadership Center. They must follow BHSU visual identity standards and the above listed policies. 
  13. Special exemption from any of these policies may be requested at the Student Engagement and Leadership Center.