ResNet - Safe Connect

What is ResNet?

ResNet (Residential Computing Services) is a residence-wide computer network that provides access to university resources and the Internet throughout the residence halls.

ResNet uses software called Safe Connect to ensure a safe and reliable network environment. The Safe Connect Agent will scan your computer on a regular basis to ensure that it meets all of the ResNet requirements before granting access. See instructions for logging on to ResNet and installing Safe Connect and connect to ResNet at BHSU today!

What Safe Connect does:

  • Helps prevent disastrous outbreaks of viruses and worms by scanning your computer for certain patch and anti-virus requirements set by the administrator.
  • Offers an easy way for you to fix your own computer without visiting the help desk.

What Safe Connect does NOT do:

  • Safe Connect does not monitor traffic
  • Safe Connect cannot access your usernames and passwords
  • Safe Connect cannot see what's on your hard drive
  • Bandwidth is a lot like fossil fuels--it's a limited resource. We have to make sure this resource is available to those who need it.

When viruses and worms hit, they take the network down, and they can crash your computer. The majority of these viruses and worms are avoidable, but only if all computers are updated with the latest Microsoft patches and antivirus updates. So we chose Safe Connect software to make sure that every computer coming onto the network has the best possible defenses already on it.

Is it a pain? Sure, especially in the beginning if you haven't ever patched your computer. But if it saves you from losing a term paper--and lets the support department focus on improving the network instead of fixing laptops. Ultimately, it is probably a fair price to pay.

See instructions for logging on to ResNet and installing Safe Connect and connect to ResNet at BHSU today!

For questions concerning ResNet, please contact the BHSU Help Desk at  


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