Renting Equipment from DMRS

How it Works

Anyone can rent equipment from BHSU's Digital Media Resource Services department.  If you are a student, faculty, or staff at BHSU, you qualify for the "On Campus" rates, while those who are not associated with the college qualify for the "Off Campus" rates.  This equipment is not to be rented for personal use but for presentations, projects, and work or school related business.  Equipment can be picked up at the library in the DMRS corner from Jesse Shelbourn. 

To rent equipment email Jesse Shelbourn or call him at 605.642.6240.  If problems occur with equipment, contact Cal.

Equipment On Campus Off Campus
LCD Projector  $50.00  $125.00
Laptop  $10.00  $75.00
Camcorder  $10.00  $25.00
Digital Camera  $5.00  $25.00
Tripod  $5.00  $10.00
DVD Player  $5.00  $10.00
Video Cassette Player/Recorder  $5.00  $8.00
Small Portable PA System with Wired Handheld Mic  $25.00  $45.00
Portable PA System with Wireless Handheld Mic  $75.00  $100.00
2 x 2 Slide Projector  $5.00  $10.00
Easel  $5.00  $10.00
Cassette Recorder  $5.00  $8.00
Overhead Projector  $6.00  $12.00
Portable Projection Screen  $5.00  $15.00


Black Hills State University

E.Y. Berry Library Room 007
7:00 AM - 4:00 PM M-F
IITS Office: 605.642.6020
IITS Help Desk: 605.642.6580

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