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Research Symposium
Students at BH have the opportunity to showcase their research at an annual symposium.

The Center for the Conservation of Biological Resources studies genomics of interest to the Black Hills and Great Plains regions.

CAMSE's mission is to promote effective and meaningful teaching and learning of science and mathematics at all levels.

The BHSU Herbarium is a research/museum facility with approximately 50,000 specimens of vascular plants.

Sanford Lab Projects
BHSU’s collaborates with the Sanford Underground Research Facility on numerous projects in science and across many disciplines. The activity at Sanford Lab creates innovative educational opportunities for BHSU students. Learn More...

BHSU Centers

The Center for Business, Entrepreneurship & Tourism provides the marketing intelligence the industry needs to make investment, planning, and marketing decisions.

BHSU's genetic and genomic research facility, the Center for the Conservation of Biological Resources provides students with an opportunity and the resources to conduct research, resources, and the facility to do so..

Economic Education
The Center for Economic Education promotes economic literacy for South Dakota K-12 teachers and students.

Center For American Indian Studies
American Indian Studies at BHSU promotes awareness of American Indian cultures, value systems, and social problems among both Indian people and members of the larger society.

The South Dakota Center for Enterprise Opportunity provides business assistance and training to current and prospective entrepreneurs from start up to expansion to foster economic development in SD.

Black Hills State University Herbarium (BHSC)
The Herbarium has about 45,000 specimens and is one of the two largest herbaria in South Dakota. BHSC features the world’s largest collection of the distinctive vascular flora of the ecologically unique Black Hills of South Dakota and Wyoming.


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